Loot Crate: First Look for Heroes 2


Hello Guys,

Sorry to day is not a crafty video. Nope today is the first day I have ever received “Loot Crate”. My husband got this for me as a surprise. And boy was I I coudn’t wait to open it. However my kids where awake, which meant I couldn’t make a video. So here I am 12:37am posting this.  Feel free to check it out here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=A38ErLcZ1yg&feature=youtu.be

or you can click the video below:

Pacman & Inky


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Hey All,

I have taken a small break on my Silhouette and started working with clay for  a bit. In honor the movie Pixel I have made my own Pacman and Inky. Now this is my first attempt at making this out of polymer clay. Not bad, but not great. I just followed MegaCraftmania on YouTube. This is how it came out:

Pacman and Inky

Sorry for the bad lighting but there you have it.

I didn’t have that roller cutter like she did, so I used my needle tool and poked holes and my knife to shape the ends. I also felt like painting it rather then adding layers.  If you want to take a look at the tutorial the link is below.

EVE – Gila


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Hello All,

This latest request came from the Egyptian underworld. Yes you guess it’s from Anubis Prime. Now I had a hard time pronounce this ship, its spelled Gila. But the pronunciation (He-la). Now my Hispanic side was all over this trying to pounce this as it look as in (Gii-laa) or (Geee-laa).

Anyway that not the point… The point is the ship is done..er ships. But I was torn between making it 1.One solid 2. Stencil looking ship or 3. Make it more street art. So I just made all three.

Okay King of the Underworld your request us up!

EVE – Astero



Hello All,

Per the request of Rauski he wanted me to create an Astero ship. Yes this beautiful ship was one of the vessels of the Sisters of EVE made available to capuleers. I really liked the hit of red throughout the ship. A really eye catching ship for the player on the go.


Not only is it adept to venture into dangerous territories but it has engines to alternate power sources. What does that mean? It’s fast and can carry some cargo to boot. Most ship that can travel fast they can’t carry squat that what makes the Astero unique. Nice choice Rauski.

EVE – Drake


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Hello All,

Per the request of Proopai he wanted me to create a Drake from EVE. As much I wanted to add lighting and shadows like I did for my Tristian. However after looking at the Drake I thought going in a style like Banksy would be better.  You know like a stencil but just a small dab of color.


Here you go Proopai I hope you enjoy the look. Next up Rauski want me to create an Astero which kind of reminds me of a slightly longer Tie Fighter.  Okay Rauski I see what I can come up with.

EVE – Tristin


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Hello All,

Here he is my Tristin! I couldn’t just sit here and not make my baby. I mean look at the image, it reminds me of a mecha but in space!!!! Maybe more like a big metal sumo wrestler, which are super sexy. And yes I think sumo’s are sexy, its an awesome sport. It is generally considered to be a gendai budō. If you don’t know what that means look it up. But I digress…

OOOhhhh Isn’t he be-a-u-ti-ful!!! I must admit it took me more time trying to make this ship on the silhouette then making the APOC. But I think it turn out alright.

If any EVE fans are out there I am take request!


EVE – Apocalypse


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Hello All,

Well now that I am back on the horse, I am riding that poor thing to the ground. Heheheh!!! I had to go for the pun. But in truth I have been burning the mid night oil coming up with some gamer decals for my Laptop. I am a big gamer when it comes to online games. One of my favorite is EVE online and as much as I love my Tristan, I found a lot easier to create Apocalypse Battleship on my Silhouette. This is what it looks like in the game:


This is how it turned out on my Silhouette:

I can make this as one whole printable decal or cut it up in sections so I can even spray paint it on if I wanted. But I will keep plugging away at other ships to see which will look better on my laptop.


Chomper and Nintendo Piranha Plant


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Hello All!

Man how times files why you don’t post. But rest assured I am still crafting. In fact my craft room has nothing but unfinished project everywhere!! Uggh what happened to me? I know what it is, it’s the funk… it happens to all crafters.

So I kicked my own butt and got it in gears after looking at this Pinterest post.



But how to do it? Well luckily for me I have the internet!! And I remember a few weeks back a YouTuber by the name ArtzieRush made a Chomper from Plants vs Zombies tutorial.  Here her tutorial:

So I put my skill to the test and did the Chomper first. This is what I came up with.

I also made earrings to go with the necklace.

Using the same principle I made this Nintendo Piranha Plant.

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Can I Pin It?

You know I love my YouTube viewing. One of my favorites YouTube personalities are Rob and Corrine from ThreadBangers. But what I love even more is Man vs Pin and Corrine vs Pin. They or Viewers find projects that are on Pinterest.com and try to replicate on their show.

I nearly died laughing on some of their episodes.  Even though I don’t have charisma like those two, I did want to attempt some of the things I have seen on Pinterest.  So I checked out to see what I could do.  I thought to myself “I can make a super cute plushy for my little girl”……. Or could I? Let see what I came up with.

This is the Pin I tired to do below. This was provided by Pretty Toys.

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Well first off the site is in Russian. I had to translate it with Chrome, then I read the rough translation that went with it. (Thanks Google Chrome, if you can’t hear the sarcasm just know its there!) I printed and fussy cut the pattern. Which was not bad, it fit right on a 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper. I have felt and a needle and thread I had gotten at the dollar store.

As much as I would love to say that my project turn out awesome. the answer to that is “No”. My switching need a LOT of work. it wasn’t after I really looked at the example that I need to leave 5 centimeters or so and fold it in so you can’t see the stitching. But since it really didn’t state that anywhere on the pin or site I just went with what I knew.

However the pattern was simple and I was done an hour later. It would have been 20 minutes or less if I didn’t have my kids crawling all over me trying to see what I as making. However when I was done, my one year loved it as well as my four year old. I couldn’t put eyes on the fish/whale thing since my little girl is in the bite stage right now. And honestly I didn’t trust my sewing skills to put on a button knowing she would just rip it right off.

But not bad, needs some work but not bad. I give it a C+.

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