Freebie Friday! Get your SVG right here!


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Hello All,

Well what better then Friday? It being Freebie Friday! Act know before these freebies are gone and something new takes it place:

Take a look at this little gem you can find it right on the Silhouette site:

Found here:

Miss Kate comes out with a new SVG every day be sure to take a look at her site here:

Is your little graduate going off to see the world or need something for a project get this free svg at:

What to show off your Memorial Day Pride check out she always put something new every Friday!

Can You Make Your Own Shrinky Dinks?


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Hello All,

Well I always wanted to make my own Shrinky Dinks. But…. Uhhhgg,  I will need to go buy them online or at Diaso for $1.50 for one sheet. Who need the aggravation of going outside. And if you know me I’m all about the free.

So I went on to YouTube to see “if” it was possible to make my own charm. And sure enough it is. I sifted through a few videos and this one I like the best.

Next I went to online and found an image I liked.


Now I’m a firm believer of NOT stealing. I am not selling this, I just wanted to see if what “Jordan Sphinx” was saying was true. Can you use #6 Plastic in a confection oven to make a your own Shrinky Dinks? And the answer is Yes… yes you can.

The instruction were simple and the tips he gave on his YouTube video where spot on. So after cutting up my #6 plastic Chinese Food container. This is what I came out with.

Not to shabby right? Well… now that I have made this I’m looking all over the house for #6 plastic. But alas this little tidbit is all I could fine. I need to tell my hubby to order some more take out. hahahah!!! But in all seriousness Jordan Sphinx thanks for the help.


Teacher Appriciation Week

Hello All,

Since this is my first time ever making something for a teacher as a Mom, I really wanted to do something nice.  I am very grateful for son’s teachers, since they made it fun to learn something new. My son is over the moon the things I made for his teachers.

For Teacher W I made her the following things

And this lovely Card

And for Teacher R I made her the following:

And Teacher R Card is:

Materials I used to make my apple cards:

  • SVG – Silhouette Design Store – View Design #22835: apple Lettering Delights
  • Card Stock – Recollections (but any corresponding card stock will do)
  • Pop Dots
  • Dollar Tree Note cars
  • Target 1$ “You Rule” Stamp
  • Sliver Flat Back Pearls by Michael’s
  • Color Box Ink Set (was not used but if you want to shade your cards any stamp ink you like would work)

And this is how I put them together:

For the Mug and Paper Flowers I used the following:

  • SVG –Silhouette Design Store – View Design #116430: 3d rolled rosebud flower
  • 3d rolled rosebud flower
  • Card Stock – Recollections Red, Navy Blue, and Green
  • Hot Glue and sticks
  • Styrofoam from the dollar tree
  • Cooking Sticks
  • Dollar Tree Mugs
  • Sharpie Oil Pens
  • Oven

The Tutorial I used was from SimpleDIY’s

Mason Jar Vase of Love


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Hello All,

Well Lori Whitlock posted this on her Facebook:

And as nice this Mason Jar Box Card was I didn’t think it was worth the $1.49 she was asking for.  If you look at it closely, it just a Jar SVG  with two rectangles on its side. I guess its a box but I have always felt that a box had a base. You know to make it a box. My guess the side are about one inch maybe an inch and half. With a second jar “box” inside, maybe equaling half an inch.  with random flowers and leaves slapped on to some blue card stock poles.

So I looked through my SVG that I had made…. However now that I think about it I am sure you can find any Jar SVG on the Silhouette Cameo website. Then added two rectangles on each end both equaling an inch. Put some score marks so it could fold. Repeated the process  only making the rectangles half an inch so it could fit inside the “box” card.

Then I searched in my inventory for flowers and leaves, elongated the tabs and made them look like stems rather than just slapping on what ever color.  And this is what mind looked like:

If you want to try this project yourself click on the image below and go a head and print it. You can even port it in to your silhouette cameo or Cricut studio.

Plus a “How To” tutorial right here:


Baby Boy Bag using (RRU) – Reduce, Reuse or Up-cycle

Hello All,

Today we are using the three R’s, you know Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Well not really recycle, its more of an up-cycle. I am reducing trash by reusing it and up-cycling it. Which in a way its kind of like recycling it… right? HAHAH I guess not. Any whoo I have made a video about it. Which you guys can check out here below:

For Materials and other Measurements please see below:

Materials Used to create the above photo are:

  • Card Sketches For Paper Crafts by PaperCrafts
  • Ruler
    Fiskars Cutting Tool
  • Recollections Paper Navy Blue 12 x 12 inches (2)
  • Recollections Paddywack Papers 6×6 inches (3)
  • Me&My Big Idea Baby Boy Mambi Sheets 12 x 12 inches (1)
  • Domino Pizza Bag 12 x 10 inches
  • Baby is from Too Cute by Jessica 5 x 4 inches
  • Boy Blocks where created by me on the silhouette they are 2 x 2  inches
  • Sliver Flat Back Pearls (3)


  • Recollections Paper Navy Blue 12 x 12 was cut 11 and half inches by 9 and half (11.50 x 9.50)
  • Recollections Paddywack Papers 6×6 inches had 3 different papers. Two where cut at 3 by 4 inches and one was cut 2 an half by 4. (Two 3 x 4 and one 2.5 x 4 inches)
  • I originally plan to use Misskatescuttables but ended falling in love with the Baby is from Too Cute by Jessica. You can find it here (he was cut five inches by 4 inches (5 x 4 inches)
  • The boy Blocks where created by me on the silhouette they are 2 x 2  inches
  • Then I used three sliver Flat Back Pearls that I had gotten at Michael’s out of the 75 cent bin.

Bay-Bee Shower Decor

Well after showing off my mad crafting skills on the card I was asked by the Queen Bee to use bee decoration throughout her shower. After looking at some stuff on Pinterest this is what I was able to provide for her.

Overall the cost of the décor I made came out around less than $15 which is 100% better then what some of the online store were going to charge her for the same thing.



Bay-Bee Shower


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Hello All,

Well I am invited to another baby shower. Let me count how many I have gone to this year….. its been three this year alone and it only April. APRIL! Couples be making babies when its cold I tell you. Any whoo I had some really nice stuff that I made for the first two but wouldn’t you know it I didn’t take photos. Why do I keep doing that?

I get a great opportunity to show off my skills and boom I forget to take photos of my work. Well I do have this to show.  This is the invite that I had received from the expected mommy to bee. (lol see what I did there… ok moving on.)

I love the bee in the center so I scanned it, moved it to my Silhouette Cameo, and then cut it. Well… After some trail and error I got the image to work. and I made this cute little bag.

the image is not flat it has several layers. Such as the black layout of the bee, the three yellow strips, and the two white wings. Each image was cut on the Silhouette Cameo, glued, and then I use a blue bag to go with the little boy theme.

I used a flat black marker to add in the dash marks. Overall it looks good!


Less then 10 Min. Valentine’s Day Card

Hello All,

Yes, yes I’m alive. I know it’s been a while but I have to tell you we all have been sick here in the Vasquez home. Goodness what has it been a month? Yeah that seem about right. This nasty cold has been ping ponging back and forth like a mucus ball. This has been the first day in weeks I have felt great. The cough is hanging on me like dead weight on a hot day. But just the shear fact I can sit up and take in nourishment is a blessing.

But that being said my mind has been firing away while I laid in bed. When I was able to hold a pencil I jot down some ideas. And this is what I came up with. A simple 10 minute Valentine’s Day card using what I had at home. Most of which I got from dollar bins at Target or the dollar Tree.

You can make this just using weight card-stock some stamps and some foam dots. It really wasn’t all that hard. Take a look how I put it tighter and the end result photos.