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Back in the Swing of Things!

Well it has been a long time… I see from my last post I hadn’t done anything since July 24, 2013. Wow I tell you, times flies when you have a baby. My little baby girl was born on October 23 and was a healthy 6 lb 6 oz. Now she is a chunky 12 lb 10 0z, it that good mommy milk she’s getting.

Well enough with the baby talk and on to the craftiness! As most of you know being Prego made me super sick so it wasn’t after my little girl’s arrival that I was able to really go back in my craft room. I tell you there were un-human smells coming out of my craft room that only pregnant women could smell. Now that I am somewhat normal I don’t have that problem, and I was able to create these beautiful ornaments for my husband’s co-works.

Pretty nice huh? I wouldn’t have made these ornaments if it wasn’t for my husband taking his personal ornaments to work that I had made in 2012. They were prototypes of King Boo, Ba-Bomb, and Spiny. Even though they were prototypes they were still very well made but I didn’t feel they were sell-able. He displayed them proudly on his desk and before I know it I had orders to make the lovely creatures you see above.

And I am still getting orders. I recently finished a Kirby Fighter ornament that turn out pretty nice. If I make at least 5 to 8 of each item I posted above, I just might go back to Etsy to sell them.



Snow Globe Christmas Tree

Hello All,

Well we are getting ever closer to Christmas and I keep thinking about snow. Since it really doesn’t snow in California unless you drive to some snowy forsaken mountain that has more rock then snow, it really doesn’t really count.   So to cheer me up I made myself a little snow globe card.

I’m sure some of you would say that snow is overrated and it not as fun when the pipes freeze. However, something about the cold snow brings back warm memories of playing on a giant inflated tire going down a slippery and dangers hillside with my younger sister Veronica.  Trudging up that mound with a heavy tire seemed like hours just to get a few seconds of bliss of untold speed.  Hearing my little sister shriek as we hit the snow-white bank made me want to do it all over again.

Aww when life was simple!

Christmas Tree Snow Globe

Christmas Tree Snow Globe

Christmas Tree Snow Globe  UC

Christmas Tree Snow Globe UC


Snowmen Ornaments

Hello All,

Well this is the last week of November, were all these creations I have made will be placed on our fake Christmas tree. But before I do I have one last ornament, Snowmen. No tree can be complete without Snowmen. So get your kids in on this project, have them twist different color pipe cleaners, pick out googol eyes, and some nice pompoms.

However leave the gluing to mom and dad, the last thing we need is kids gluing themselves together, or their clothing to the table. You have no idea how hard it is to get them off that thing.

Polar Bear Ornament

Hello All,

Last year it was all about the Owls and the year before that it was the Penguin. I say this year make it all about the Polar Bear. That’s right deck your halls with this cute little creation, and best part is it was all Dollar Tree items.  From her cute red nose to her fluffy ears each item I found at Dollar Tree.  The instructions are pretty easy just cut glue and paste. If you really want guidelines drop me a comment, I just make a YouTube video just for you.

Reindeer Ornaments

Hello Everyone,

I think this month I will be depicting to ornament transformation. There is so much one person can do with ornaments. They are no longer confined to just traditional Christmas color.

Okay so these are still in the traditional colors but the form has change. It no longer just a plain old bulb.



  • Glass bulbs (I would recommend plastic since you don’t have to glue down the pipe cleaners)
  • Green, White, and Red Pipe cleaners (Dollar Tree, pick up some today)
  • Green, White, and Red felt (Dollar Tree, more bang for your buck)
  • White & Black Pompoms (another Dollar Tree buy)
  • E-6000 (not a Dollar Tree buy need to go to hardware or craft store)
  • Googol Eyes (Dollar Tree)
  • Glue dots or Pop dotes
  • Red, White, Green Glitter (Dollar Tree)
  • Red, White, Green Glitter pens (Dollar Tree)
  • Bling (optional)

Honestly this was one of the most cost effect projects I have ever done! Anyway back to the project, it would have been a lot easier if they were plastic. I would have just cut holes for the pipe cleaners and ears, however since I didn’t I rolled with the punches and did what I know best. Improvise!

Step 1 – Glittering the Bulb

Glitter the inside of my bulb. There are so many methods on YouTube and tons of products it’s safe to say I don’t need to give you a how-to on this part.

Step 2 – Creating the Antlers

Fold two pipe cleaners in half. Starting at the fold end, begin to twist together. Stop twisting about a third of the way. Pull the ends apart and fold each of those and then twist until you reach the center. Twist the remaining ends back together.  Coil the end in to a small spiral having the middle sticking out. This will be the base of your antler that will be gluing down with E-6000 to the glass bulb.

Step 3 – Creating the Ears

Cut two 2’x2’inch squares and fold them in half. From tip to tip on the folded end cut a half oval. This will give you your ear. Then cut two 1 inch circle out of the same colored felt. Fold one of your circles in half make a small insigne in the center of the folded circle. Repeat to the second circle.Pinch one end of your oval shape ear and slip it through one of your circle part way. Flip the small piece to the side and glue them together. Let dry before placing them on the bulb. Once dry glue the round circle end onto the blub.

Step 4 – Eyes, Nose, and Mouth

Snatch some glue dots or pop dotes and adhere them to the bulb, this will be your guideline to position your black pompom for the nose and white pompoms for the mouth. Once you have glued your nose and mouth with E-6000, remove your googol eyes form the glue dotes or pop dotes and adhesive with E-6000

Step 5 – Final Touches

Grab your glitter glue pen and go around your felt this will hide any glue that might have seeped out on to the felt or glass. Take some bling and deck your antlers out.


Christmas Penguin Blubs

Hello Everyone,


On November 11, 2011 I aired my very first YouTube video that showed one of a kind project. It was a video response to Friday Funbits hosted by Natasha Hensel, a very awesome designer and crafter. I fell in love with her website that she is the reason why I moved my blog from Creating Things to Unique Designs. The level of refinement in her work made want to show something better than just someone that Creating Things.

Since I haven’t posted this fabulous project as of yet I thought it was high time I did. To make this yourself check out the video below.

Penguin template

Penguin template

Halloween Tree Card w/ Bottle Cap Magnet

Halloween is almost here and I am in the mood to make some scary cards this year, with and added twist. I’ve include one of my bottle cap magnet charms to make this year’s treats even sweeter.

I created this card using the following materials:

  • Black card stock
  • Brown card stock
  • Orange card stock
  • Pattern Paper
  • Pumpkin Images
  • Orange & Black 3D Opaque Gel Pens
  • Black Ribbon
  • Cricut Cartridges: Heritage (tree2 on page 25 at 4 inches) & Mini Monster (fence2 on page 72 at 2 inches)
  • ½ Pop Dots
  • Pumpkin, Sawdust, and Black Glitter
  • Inkadinkado Happy Halloween stamp


  1.  I started by cutting my black card stock at 11×7 then folded it in half giving me a 7×5 ½ card.
  2. Then I cut my pattern paper at 6 ½ x5 gluing it to the base of my card.
  3. I used my Cricut Cartridges: Heritage (tree2 on page 25 at 4 inches) & Mini Monster (fence2 on page 72 2 piece at 2 inches).
  4. I added detail by using my Orange & Black 3D Opaque Gel Pens on my tree and fence.
  5. I glued my tree down first then added Pumpkin glitter on to the tips of each branch to make them stand out.
  6. I added pop dots to one of my fence and laid it at the base of my tree to give my card some depth.
  7. The second fence I cut and transformed it in to this Happy Halloween sign by using some orange cardstock and an Inkadinkado Happy Halloween Stamp.
  8. Once the glitter was dried on the branches I fussy cut my pumpkin images and used pop dots and placed them on the tree.
  9. I cut a hole on the right hand side of the card in order for the bottle to show throw. It was glued down with removable adhesive.
  10. The inside was roughed cut to fit the page with some brown and orange cardstock. I added black ribbon to give it a finished look.