Michael’s 90% Event Jan 31st – Feb 2nd

Hello All,

I know this is a day late but at least you won’t be a dollar short when you hear the news. As of January 31st – February 2nd if you present this to your Michael’s store you will save on already reduced products throughout the store. Which includes jewelry, stickers, & much more.

Now don’t be fooled by the Michael’s website which states 50%-70% but with this you can save 90%. Now be advised not all Michael’s employees may be aware that this event is going on and some stores may say 50%-70%. So do your homework, call and conform no need to waste your time by rushing down there.

Have fun people, and if I can I will be Vlog about this and showing of my $2 grab plus what I get from Michael’s 90% off sale.

Michaels 90 Percent
Michaels 90 Percent

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