Key to my Heart

Hello All, You know I love keys charms, locks charms, and anything that I can’t afford. So I tried my hand at making my own key for my first attempt. I think it looks pretty good. With some more molding, distressing, and paints, I’m sure it will look vintage. Again for my first attempt, it looks good.

Pink Polka Dot Dragon Charm

Hello All, Awww isn’t it cute? When I first started making this I wasn’t going to make a dragon. I was trying to make a pony. But after looking at it and looking at it I said okay dragon let’s see how cute you’re going to be. When everything was said and done I stood back and said, “Aww you’re […]

It’s Raining Love

Hey All, This was inspired by Ganda Krischa. I really love her work and her tutorials are super easy to follow. If you haven’t seen her work I would highly recommend you check her stuff on I always get inspired each time I see her stuff.

Kisses, Love Note, and Book of love

Hello All, I felt in a loving mood so to wrap it all together I made glittery lips ready for some kisses, a love note to put it on, and a book of love to keep it all in. Each one is made of polymer clay glazed in triple thick and pinched with an eye pin to adorn any bracelet […]