Ornaments Completed

Ornaments Completed

Hello All,

Well, all the ornaments have been completed and shipped. If you missed what they looked like here is a recap.

The top spot goes to Zero

He is available for purchase here: https://store.uniquedesignsbymonica.com/product/zero-from-nightmare-before-christmas-ornament/

My second favorite ornament has to go to Sally:

Sally is available for purchase here: https://store.uniquedesignsbymonica.com/product/sally-from-nightmare-before-christmas-ornament/

Third, on my list is Jack:

Jack is available for purchase here: https://store.uniquedesignsbymonica.com/product/jack-from-nightmare-before-christmas-ornament/

Last but not least Vamparina:

Vamparina is available for purchase here: https://store.uniquedesignsbymonica.com/product/vampirina-ornament/

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