Rant on $2 Dollar Grab Bags from Michael’s

Have you ever walked into a store after your friends tell you there was a big sale, and you may be able to still find something good if you go? One, you most likely go because you totally love the sale and two your friends just walked away with bags and bags of stuff. Well, when I heard on YouTube […]

Michael’s & 99 Cent Mini Haul

I am sure many of you are wondering “really a haul video?” To which I will say YES people it’s a haul video if you don’t like them, you don’t need to watch. But I find watching haul videos very informative. I mean if it wasn’t for hauls videos I wouldn’t know what is worth buying when I can get […]

$2 Dollar Grab Bags at Michael’s

Hello, I know this is super late, but I wanted to let everyone know what can be found at Michael’s when they want to get rid of stuff fast. There are some good stuff as well as some duds, that what you get when you buy one of these grab bags. It’s a roll of the dice.

Pokémon – Jigglypuff

Hello All, After completing an order recently of 15 Super Mario Bro Ornaments I thought I move away from SMB for a bit and move to Pokémon.  So my most recent ornament is this charming Jigglypuff! I have to say Jigglypuff is my most favorite creature since it aired on TV oh so many Moons ago.

Thank You – Hearts

Hello All, For this year resolution I want to keep this mato “Be Thankful for What I Have”! So to show my tanks to all those that helped us out last year I will be making and sending out “Thank You” card to a few people this year.  I think it’s a good idea to keep and follow through to […]