Pretty, Pretty, Unicorn

Hello All, Now I’m a big fan of my little pony however since I’m not very good with clays I think for my first attempt it came out pretty good. I call it my pretty, pretty, unicorn. It is made out of white polymer clay, neon pinks, and decorated in pink gems.  I was going more Kawaii than an actual […]

Homemade Fridge Freshener

Hello All, If you guys are looking for a great way to keep your fridge smelling like it should or make it smell better. This is a clever way to reuse what you have and if you don’t have some of these items it won’t break the bank doing it. After chatting with Natasha Hensel on YouTube she said […]

Birthday Princess Box

Well, this is embarrassing, I just get a little pregnant and my entries and projects productivity goes downhill. Goodness, I would hate to see all my hard work disappear just because I’m in labor lol. Well rest assured I have been crafting and taking pictures it’s just my morning/evening sickness makes it hard to get on my computer and do […]