Minecraft – Steve and Creeper

Hello All,   For Halloween my husband and his younger brother will be going as Steve and Creeper from the video game called MINECRAFT.  Now since neither my husband nor his brother has the time to make or get a costume for October 31st that fun task fell on to me. Now this idea was not mine to take credit […]

Spider Lanterns

Hello All, Today’s project was done on my Silhouette Cameo. I created a paper lantern layout on Photoshop. Then I imported it on my Silhouette Cameo. I chose the “Select Trace Area” then highlighted my image. When you do this it will chose an outline for you, since I didn’t want the standard outline I chose “trace Outer Edge”. This […]

Garage Sale Update

Hello All, Ever bought anything at a garage sale that was slightly damaged and thought to yourself “I can fix it up”, and somehow that garage sale item has been sitting in your room collecting dust. Well that is what happened to me, but I got off my lazy creative butt and got to work. I had gotten 4 coasters […]

Ornament Transformation – Bob-omb and Spiny

Hello All, I’m taking a small break from making Halloween themed items and moved on to transformations. I wanted to use something I already have and transform it into something else. Now this project I’ve been working on for a few days. What with painting, sculpting, heating, gluing, glazing, and of course letting it all dry in-between. If you don’t […]