Minecraft – Steve and Creeper

Minecraft – Steve and Creeper

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For Halloween my husband and his younger brother will be going as Steve and Creeper from the video game called MINECRAFT.  Now since neither my husband nor his brother has the time to make or get a costume for October 31st that fun task fell on to me. Now this idea was not mine to take credit for, it actually came from CyberDrone from DeviantArt at: www.deviantart.com But the one that tipped me off to this great discovery is our Nephew. He Dad  sent this photo of his little boy of Steve the Minecraft Warrior holding a Creeper head in one hand while swinging his sword in the other.

Nate MineCraft
Nate MineCraft

So cute don’t you think?


So that had me on my own quest to make these block head Hero and Villain man size. When I had completed the block masks my husband suggested to me he could make the Creeper a little more interesting. So he and I are collaborating in making the Creeper’s eyes glow from behind the mask. If you want to check out how he made this part work check out his blog at: http://scireportals.net. He is one of the techiest guys I have ever met and if you have any question please feel free to drop him or me a line. We will be more than happy to tell you the details to this project.

10×10 Block Head Masks


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