Day 21 of Ornament Making

Hello Subbies, Well, my challenge is not going so well. Thus far I have only been able to make eight types of ornaments. I have made two of each ornament but still only eight types. Completed just needs paint: Kirby – fighter Kirby – Link from Zelda King Boo from Super Mario Bob-Bomb from Super Mario Minnie Mouse Mickey Mouse […]

Mega-Man working through the pain

Hello Subbies, I had to stop crafting ornaments for a little bit. It seems I forgot that polymer clay dries my hands something terrible. I have so many Bandages on my hands I look like a burn victim. I am going to try to work through this problem and start working on my next bulb which is Mega-Man. Now it’s […]

Snorlax the Display Pokémon

Hello Subbies, Today I am going back to Pokémon. Which pocket monster am I tossing at you today? Well, it’s that sleeping giant the Snorlax. Now the photo you see below is one I made last year for a customer. I used a smaller blub that had a sliver ting to it. So I want to see how much better […]

Kriby Link from Super Mario Smash Bros

Hello Subbies, Well, it’s day seven of creating ornaments for Etsy. If you haven’t guessed it from the photos below, I am making Kirby Link from the Super Mario Smash Bros video game. Now, this is not the final product, I still need to sew the details on Kirby Link’s hat. I still need to glue the sword together and […]

July 5th, 2014 More Bulbs to be Gesso

Hello Subbies, Tonight I had to frost some more bulbs with gesso. It seems at two bulbs a night for four nights it would equal eight ornaments completed. Honestly, it doesn’t seem like a lot when I count them by two’s but believe me it feels like a lot. So in order to have more products I need to frost […]

Work done July 3rd and 4th

Hello Subbies Here is an update on what I have been up to. On July 3, 2014, I sculpted two Jiggly Puffs. You may not believe this by looking at this photo. But it’s a bright sunny day in this room, for whatever reason the flash went off giving me a darker photo than it should. I tried a few […]

Progress on Day Two

Hello Subbies, Just so you guys know that I haven’t been slacking, I am going to be posting my progress as often as I can. This is what I did for June 30th.  I gessoed some ornaments because I am going to make… you guessed it gamer, manga, and other ornaments. On July 1st I was able to sculpt and bake […]