Challenge # 46 On My Scrap Room

Hello All, Well this week’s challenge was brought to you by “My Scrap Room” you should check them out. The group of ladies is really awesome The challenge was Valentine themed and as you know I’m not one for Valentine stuff since it just a sore reminder of bad birthday, bad gifts, and people forgetting.  However since the whole […]

Baby Shower – Rocking Horse

Hello All, The Pastor wife had a baby shower last week and as much as I would have loved to be there my son and I were really sick. As you know sickness and pregnant women don’t mix, actually sickness and people just don’t mix. So we quarantine ourselves in our house for as long as the virus was in […]

Anniversary Card Not A Valentine’s Day Card

Hello All, Well Valentine’s Day is coming around again and I guess some one could consider the card below a Valentine’s Day Card. However since my birthday lands on February 14th I really don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day for a few reasons. Here is Monica’s Top 5 Reason why I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day: It’s my birthday not Valentine’s Day. Card […]

Photoshop Good Tool to Learn

When I was attending The Art Institute of San Francisco, I was in a Photoshop class that was teaching CS. Now in 2003 that was cutting edge stuff, at that time not a lot of schools were even up-to-date with the newest software. Now it’s 2013 and Photoshop CS doesn’t cut it anymore. So what is an older woman to […]

Ciel Phantomhive Mascaraed Necklace

This necklace is homage to Ciel Phantomhive on Black Butler episode 4. Ciel was working on the Jack the Ripper case. Here in this necklace you can see he is  supposing to be Madame Red’s niece This necklace is a 1mm thick Steel Chain that is 12 inches long and the necklace ends are in a barrel claps. The bottle […]

Re-Vamping the Old

Hello All, Well this year is out with the old and in with the new. Well sort of, I should say re-vamping the old and making it better. When I first did these charms I found them a bit incomplete.  They didn’t seem to pop the way I wanted them too. For example, take the following two pictures below: The […]

Being Content and Thankful In All Things

That is super strange; I thought I had a pre-posted entry set up to go off the first week of January. Since I was off with family for the Holiday and it seems that the posting I had in place has just vanished. I had a very lengthy posting on what my resolution was going to be this year and […]