How to Make Your Own Tree or Leaves SVG – Cricut Design Space

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Well, there seems to be some drama between YouTube, Youtube Content Creators, and the FTC. What a TelaNovela this turning out to be. Am I going to be affected? Ahhhhh… maybe? If the FTC can be a little more clear on what is considered “Kids Content”.

I tell yeah this has more mystery around it then a Tana French Noval. But you are not here for all that craziness. You are here for SVG! And I can’t blame you because of that much more fun than all that other stuff.

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Thanksgiving Icons SVG – Cricut Design Space

Hello All,

Have you ever noticed how the holidays got Halloween and then we glaze over Thanksgiving and boom its Christmas. I mean there is now Christmas music in stores now.

I know, I know there is no go Thanksgiving song but that doesn’t mean we should forget that there even is a Thanksgiving. So to pay my respect to this holiday. I will be making icons. You can use this in your scrapbooking, cards, shirt, whatever you want to use this for.

How to Make Your Own Mugs & Glasses SVG – Cricut Design Space

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Today I will be teaching you guys how to create your own Wine Glasses and Mugs on Cricut Design Space. Using nothing more than just basic shapes. These are perfect for the holidays for cards, scrapbooking layouts, and vinyl.

You can even cut out the shape on shrink-a-dinks and make cute earrings. So check out the video below to see how you can create these: