How to Make Your Own Cupcake SVG – Cricut Design Space

Hello Everyone!

Today we are making CUPCAKES! Well cupcake embellishments anyway using our DesignSpace. This was a bit of a process, however once you see it it will be as easy as pie… cake… uh cupcake?

Oh well, regardless of how you say it, it will be easy to make on your Cricut. You can watch the video below or click on the link.

How to Make Your Own Donut SVG – Cricut Design Space

Hello All,

I loving this all the stuff you can make using basic shapes. It take me back to my childhood when my teacher gave the class small different colored blocks and pattern we can could make with them.

By the end of class I had made at less 30 different foods made out of blocks that were not even on our create-a-sheets. Ahh good times, good times.

Make your own SVG Truck – Cricut Design Space

Hello Everyone,

I am switching gear from my Silhouette Cameo to my Cricut. As you guys know my complication with Cricut, that doesn’t mean I don’t have Cricut user out there that don’t need the help.

And if I can help out one person out there using Cricut all the while creating an SVG then I am happy. So check out my video below and see what you can make using basic shapes on the Cricut Design Space.

How To Make Your own Donuts SVG

Hello All,

Today I will be making donuts! Well SVG donuts, I am trying to lose the weight so this is the closet thing I can get to carbs. So today tutorial is using a photo from As always I am not sponsored by this site I just using it since it is has free commercial free photos!

Click on the video below to get started using your Silhouette Cameo and making your own designs.


How To Make A Hot and Cold Drink SVG – Silhouette Cameo

Hello All,

Sorry this is a little late, however it is Easter Weekend and family comes first.

So today I am bringing you how to make your own hot and cold drinks using a photo from These are commercial free photographs you can use to make this project. And as you can see below I was able to make this super cute cups of yummy-ness!

Making Your Own Cupcake Frosting SVG – Silhouette Cameo

Hello All,

Here is Part 2 of how to make your own cupcake using your Silhouette Cameo. By using commercial free photos I was able to create SVG frosting. The creators that supplied the photos are Pixabay, Acharaporn Kamornboonyarush, & Vojtech Okenka.

I will be showing both videos start to finish on Friday at 8pm CST, over on my Twitch channel. I may even cut out the cupcake to give you an idea how it look.