Day 21 of Ornament Making

Hello Subbies,

Well, my challenge is not going so well. Thus far I have only been able to make eight types of ornaments. I have made two of each ornament but still only eight types.

Completed just needs paint:

  1. Kirby – fighter
  2. Kirby – Link from Zelda
  3. King Boo from Super Mario
  4. Bob-Bomb from Super Mario
  5. Minnie Mouse
  6. Mickey Mouse
  7. MegaMan
  8. Snorlax

Now in order to keep customer interested on my Etsy site you need quantity and verity. I wanted to say that “by the end of this month I have completed everything on my list” I really wanted to say that. But I don’t think I am going to make it. On my “TO DO” list I have twenty items and I have only completed eight what does that tell you?  Now it’s not for a lack of want or time, actually what it boils down to was procrastination. Yup it got me; like a fish caught on a hook, it got me. There I was for a week playing video games. My kryptonite, my Achilles heel… and when I realize what I was doing, time had passed me by. I feel like a kid that just realized a test is coming up and is now cramming to get stuff done.

I don’t want to call it busted yet! I still have a week and four days and I can still pull it off, I think. But I may have to change my original list to some other things I can crank out more easily. Quality is key, you don’t want to produce junk otherwise your customers won’t be happy.

I wanted to make:

9. Chandelure – Pokémon
10. Inferno – Pokémon
11. Whimsicott – Pokémon
12. Minion 1 – Despicable Me
13. Minion 2 – Despicable Me
14. Sailor Moon
15. Pegasus
16. Griffin
17. Cerberus
18. Trupa Kupa Shell – Super Mario
19. Baby Rattle – 1st Christmas
20. Baby Legs – 1st Christmas

I am still may end up doing the baby rattle and baby legs ornament, that won’t take too much time to do. But the other eighteen… Oh boy!

Mega-Man working through the pain

Hello Subbies,

I had to stop crafting ornaments for a little bit. It seems I forgot that polymer clay dries my hands something terrible. I have so many Band-Aids one my hands I look like a burn victim. I am going to try to work through  this problem and start working on my next bulb which is Mega-Man. Now it’s just going to be his head, and I want to give him a shiny metallic helmet like you see below. But I am unsure how I am going to achieve this. If you have any ideas please let me know.

Snorlax the Display Pokémon

Hello Subbies,

Today I am going back to Pokémon. Which pocket monster am I tossing at you today? Well it’s that sleeping giant the Snorlax. Now the photo you see below is one I made last year for a customer. I used a smaller blub that had a sliver ting to it. So I want to see how much better I can make it using a larger and clearer blub. Let me know your thoughts

Last Year 2013

This Year 2014

Sadly do to the size of this ornament this is going to be a display only kind of decoration. The shire weight due to the polymer clay would make any Christmas tree branch bend or break. Thus making the ornament shatter and who wants that.

Kriby Link from Super Mario Smash Bros

Hello Subbies,

Well its day seven of creating ornaments for Etsy. If you haven’t guessed it from the photos below, I am making Kirby Link from Super Mario Smash Bros video game. Now this is not the final product, I still need to sew the details on Kirby Link’s hat. I still need to glue the sword together and of course I need to paint everything. Ahhh the devil is certainly in the details, but it’s going to be worth it once everything is said and done.

July 5th, 2014 More Bulbs to be Gesso

Hello Subbies,

Tonight I had to frost some more bulbs with gesso. It seems at two bulbs a night for four nights it would equal eight ornaments completed. Honestly it doesn’t seem like a lot when I count them by two’s but believe me it feels like a lot. So in order to have more products I need to frost eight more.  I wish I could frost more however I have a small space here. I share a room with my husband and as it is I have taken over 80% of this room with “other” crafts.


As you can see in this picture my desk is a mess and if you look at my July 4th post the photos, those are three tubs of crafting junk.  And next to that is my IKEA dresser called a Billy, it is currently holding…. You guess it more crafts and on top of that Billy is more craft supplies. And in this small room is an even smaller closet that is holding even more crafts. I could open my own craft supply store if I wanted to. But I’m not going to because as much junk I have I love, LOVE, having this stuff here. It really gets my creative juices flowing. Who knows I may be hoarder but thus far my husband see my visions come to life and has not had a problem with all my stuff. lol

Work done July 3rd and 4th

Hello Subbies

Here is an update on what I have been up to. On July 3, 2014 I sculpted two Jiggily Puffs. You may not believe this by looking at this photo. But it’s a bright sunny day in this room, for whatever reason the flash went off giving me a darker photo then it should. I tried a few photos without the flash but they came out super blurry.



On July 4, 2014 I sculpted the Fighter Kirby ornament. I am sure looking at all of these bulbs wondering when I am going to paint them. Well most likely the last week of the month is going to be my paint week. Since I have 31 days this month I think my goal is to create as many ornaments as possible and then worry about the paint job at the end. Otherwise I will be eating up a lot of my nighttime hours with the details.



Progress on Day Two

Hello Subbies,

Just so you guys know that I haven’t been slacking, I am going to be posting my progress as often as I can. This is what I did for June 30th.  I gessoed some ornaments because I am going to make… you guessed it gamer, manga, and other ornaments.


On July 1st I was able to sculpt and bake two bob-bombs which you can see here:


And today I am creating King Boo. So far I have one completed it just needs to go in the oven, the other is in the process as you can see it here below:


Getting Started

Hello Subbies,

When I was going to the Art Institute of San Francisco I had a class that taught students branding, marketing and how to sell your self to consumers. Now if I knew then what I know now I would have aced that class, but ah lass I just pass with a decent grade. I’m a slow learner when it comes to textbook work; I’m more of a visual kind of girl.

That’s why I am super grateful to people like Heather Wells, Renae Christine, and Paul Mason. They make it easy for me to understand how to run a business. They give me the tools it takes to be successful and the dues and don’ts of business. You can find their YouTube links below:

Heather Wells:

Renae Christine:

Paul Mason:

Okay Paul Mason may not have a business but he was the main reason to get the ball rolling. How you may ask? Well while I was sitting in my living room watching my kids he posted this video:

the title was so simple “Getting Started”. I looked at Paul and said “yeah right Paul” I was about to delete the post off my email when by accent clicked the link and boom I was taken to YouTube. Okay I could have just back spaced or “x” out, but I was there and to lazy to do that. That was problem number one. I listen and listen and I took Paul’s words to heart. I have been kicking this idea in my head for a while now but I can tell you I am my own worst enemy. I was just hem-hawing telling myself “oh the kids make it hard” or “I just don’t have time to craft.” This was a lie!!! Lies I tell you, LIES! If it really was the kids making it too hard or I didn’t have time…. why do I have times to play Minecraft or League of Legends? I also found most of my time is being eaten up by Silhouette Cameo. I sit for hours at night creating images and 3D stuff, which is great if I were selling my images or crafting with the idea I made. But I haven’t, nore do I want to.

I want to get back to my first love which is working with my hands, not on my computer. There nothing wrong with working on a computer. I just feel more alive making something out of nothing and holding it in my hands. The problem is “GETTING STARTED”.

So I’m challenging myself every night after the kids go to sleep to create inventory for my Etsy shop. That’s right people I am going to re-launch my store and for the whole month of July I am making product for the Fall of 2014. I have a purpose; I have ideas, and a budget. All I needed was to get started. C. S. Lewis said it best “You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream” it’s time to set that goal in motion and live my dream rather than just thinking about it.