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What am I up to?

Hello All,

Well looks like I haven’t posted since August, gezz I really need to update this more often. But you know life kind of gets in the way. ALOT!! I have been sick as a dog since the beginning of August and its hasn’t been the flu/cold. Nope! Allergies I tell ya, yup something called Ragweed has been terrorizing my scenes since August began.

Still being terrorized by other tree and flower matting dust and let me tell you I don’t like it. But that just a small part of what else I have been up to. I have broken away from Etsy and started my own site called which I am still maintaining it. Adding tons of new SVGs but also added my ornaments. And order are steadily coming in. Which will keep me busy for the next few months.

I submitted my Partnership work to Silhouette of America, if things go well my SVG will be seen throughout the US. How crazy would that be! I am on pins and needles waiting on a response. I should hear back by this Friday. So fingers crossed.

I still twitching over at  Mondays and Friday 8pm CST. Working on Ornaments right now, but when January comes around again its going to be back to SVGs.

I hope you guys like the update, let me know if you have any question.

Ornament Time!

Hello All,

If you are not following me on Facebook then you may have miss some craziness. So if you don’t want to miss updates on Twitch, YouTube, or when I have some news come up. Then head over to my Facebook by clicking the link here:

If you haven’t heard I am working on Ornaments. I have 10 of them I have to complete. I am making the whole family from The Amazing World of Gumball. That right Nicole, Richard, Gumball, Darwin, and Anais.

That’s not all! I also need to create five Roblox Family itsfunneh.  This has been a challenge seeing as how the heads look more like Lego’s and not the traditional round cylinder. See how I fix the problem over on my Twtich:   Monday & Fridays 8pm CST


Here is the recap video, since Twitch does not retain its videos for more than a week at a time:

Door Hanger SVG

Hello All.

Well on Monday August 6th 2018 I will be streaming live at 8pm CST. To make the following project.

If you want to follow along come join us if you like the project and want to make it yourself you could find in my This one will be given to my son to bestow on is teacher tomorrow. I hope she likes it as it took me forever to color those figures.

Silhouette Business Edition


I have upgraded from Designer to Business. Honestly I should have done this from the very beginning but I was cheap and apparently love to struggle.  Ugh… why do I always love to do things the hard way.

Anyway if you haven heard. Silhouette School notified me letting me know  that Silhouette.Inc is having a sale. If you want to know what its all about check them out at:

Promo code is SILSCHOOL , if you miss it its right there below:


I’m Feeling So Dirty!


Hello Everyone,

Well I did it, I went ahead and did it. I feel wrong and dirty after buying it. (Shiver) I bought the Cricut Explore 1. (an out cry of a thousand whiles sound out). I wasn’t able to find the testers I needed for all the SVG I have waiting in the wing. And I need to have more items put into my ASAP. With no other options I looked on the inter webs and found one.

You just don’t understand the hardship it is working with Cricut. The fact I started off with a 6 x 12 little machine, with its many expansive and expensive cartridges. Oh the money I dished out. Then I got a second machine 6 x 12 to have my family help me with the many orders I was getting for embellishments. Soon after they introduced a 12 x 12 which I also got rather then cutting my paper unnecessary.  (oh the shame..)

Then they introduced Cricut Design Space which allowed me to cut my own images with the 12 x 12 mat. It was amazing again and all was well with the world. Until 2016 -2017 hit and they where announcing “some changes”. I didn’t care, I can work on my own designs, I don’t need  a new Cricut Machine. You can keep your fancy Expression 2, your Mini, your Explore Air and your Air 2. No thank you I don’t need your Maker, what I have is just fine.

Then I moved to Tennessee, thinking the world was nothing but roses and cupcakes. Then it happened my machine won’t connect to Design Space. Why? Did I break my Cricut? No it seems fine? What is going on? So I called Cricut Support and they give me the bad news. “Sorry Cricut Design Space no longer supports that model”.

After so much money, after so much time. They pull the plug on my simple 12 x 12 Expression. It was just a few years old, its not like I  need blue tooth or a fancy gizmos to make it work. It was perfect! Out with the old and in with the new by force. You want to use the Cricut Design Space you need to get with the program otherwise you have to find other means.  Which I did…. but alas with no response.

But thankfully not at a $400 price tag. I went on to Facebook Marketplace where these nice ladies from Beachbum Farms in Kentucky sold me a slight used one for $100 bucks. By the way if your looking for some embroidery or super cute cups check them out on Facebook at .

Its a bittersweet getting this machine. I’m discussed with myself that Cricut forced me to get this machine in order to use there online services. But at least it was cheap enough to swallow my pride for me to continue to work on my SVG’s.

Take my advice if you are a newbie and are looking for a cutting machine that wont steer you wrong choose a Silhouette Cameo.  One with a 12 x 12 mat, you will never have to play for cartridges, you will never have to upgrade to a new machine every 6 to 7 years, and you will never have to go on to the internet to use it.  Because its software based an the only reason you would need to go on the internet is to get an upload or if you want to buy an SVG from their store. But honestly why would you want to, when you can get it for free on

Thank You and Unicorn Poop

I won, I won, oh yeah I won! So PharEwings on Twitch: was doing a giveaway over at her channel and the grand prize are these super cute custom made stickers.  (So shinny) My kids have been pining for them since they saw them come in.

Thanks PharE!

Cricut Tester Needed!

Hello All,

If some of you have notice there a few new tabs on our blog.  We have a proper Gallery Page and a Video Tutorials Page.  If you want to see what I have made but haven’t seen in the store is because I still need Cricut Tester.

If you haven’t seen my Facebook Page this is what you might have missed:

I have quite a few SVG that I have created myself that I need testing on. I know they work because I have a Silhouette Cameo but I don’t know if they cut out the same on a Cricut Machine.

What You Get:
* You will get a Free SVG
* A photo of what the project needs to look like
*Mention on my blog
*Mention on Facebook
*Mention on Twitter
*Mention on Instagram
*If you have a blog it will be mention on all these media stream for free.

What I need:
* I need someone that can make a project at least once a week and report to me if the project works or if it needs fixing.
* Photos so I can attached them to all the media sites.

Please send me a privet message. Please don’t post your email below, I really don’t want you to be spam.

If you check out my Gallery Page you can see all of the Free SVG you can get if you are a tester.


Online Store Now OPEN!

It finally has happen the my store is now open! It has taken me quite a long time to open this store but now open! I have just a few SVG’s right now but I have a whole mess of them coming. Just you wait! Click on the link or the shop icon to get started. 

Checking Out – UK Magazines

Hello Everyone,

Well I’m back and I have brought goodies for you to see! I have just recently bought three magazines:

Love Cardmaking Magazine UK – $14.99 US

Creative Stamping Magazine UK – $19.99 US


Stamp by Chloe Mangazine Kit UK – $24.99


I am going through each magazine over on YouTube. Now I’m not a Rockefeller or anything like that. These where gifts from my hubby for Mother’s Day. So in normal situations I couldn’t by all three. Maybe one in a blue moon but not all three.

Now these are “not sponsored” I was gifted these by my hubby.

Waiting in Anticipation Can Be Madding!

Hello All,

Have you ever waited in anticipation? I think everyone has in some point or another. Its like Christmas Eve and your not allowed to open presents till the morning comes. Or like waiting for the last few hours for a family member to come home after they have been gone for a long time.

That’s what I am feeling like right now for my new online store to open. Many of you already know the fee hog called Etsy. Fees for every post, fee for every transaction, and the fee after every sale, not to mention the monthly fee to maintain the site.

Some of you will say its only 20 cents here and 3% there.  But in the end it adds up, and up. Till you wake up one morning your paying your job to come in to work. That’s what its come down to. I’m working to live rather then living to work. I want to be happy coming in to work rather then dreading it.  I’m at that point with Etsy.

With my new store I will only have to pay once a year for just the services of maintaining the server. The best part is I can add as many items I want without worrying about how much I am spending on fees.

The wait is madding sometimes! If you haven’t checked out my Instagram or my DeviantArt your missing out on all the SVG and up coming polymer clay projects I am waiting to put up on my site!