Homelife Update

Homelife Update

Happy August the 4th Everyone,

I know I do not put up a lot of homelife updates but I wanted to keep you all in the loop since I have been MIA since February. To be honest we have had quite an eventful first year. From purchasing some land, building a home, and homeschooling our children. It’s been a wild first year. Here are the skinny kids I am not talking about online courses but pulling our kids out of public school and going through a homeschooling program.

Which is a huge undertaking. But thankfully I have a metric ton of Moms & Dads that I am getting support from, both online and in real life. People that have been teaching their kids for years. Parents that have raised kids that go to college to become authors, architects, engineers, and frankly are much smarter than my dinky public education gave me.

These parents are showing me their pitfalls, triumphs, and complications that may or may not arise when teaching your own kids. Which had me a little worried at first…. But only at first. And I got to tell you I just heard on the news that the school is going back on lockdown again, so it is a good thing we got into homeschooling when we did. This way I know my kids can stay on track without the fear they are missing out on classes or worst putting them in front of a computer screen for 8 hours.

I will be more active come December and fully back to schedule 2022. My store is still in operation and new items get posted weekly. However, my blog, YouTube, and Twitch have taken a bit of a back seat. Nevertheless, I am grateful that my fans have been sticking with me and that I have even a few new friends this year.

Thank you all for the support.

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