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Sweet as a Cookie Pocket Bag

Hello All,

Don’t miss the next Twitch Stream. I will be on LIVE on Friday August 3rd at 8pm CST: Get a jump start on this project, this SVG at

This is the project I will be working on its called “Sweet as a Cookie Pocket Bag.”  Check out my store. You will be able to find it under New Releases. It’s only for .99 cents.

How to Make “Home Made Jar SVG” Into Something Amazing

Hello All,

So on Monday July 30th on I created four different project. A lemonade jar holding some sweet sweet lemonade, a Halloween shaker jar tag, a Valentin’s Day plastic shaker tag, and a Fairy in a jar Card. Which you can find at for only 0.99. I will be streaming again this Friday at 8CST. If you want to check for any changes check out my facebook at

This jar had only one modification which an easily done by hand or cutting machine. I just hallowed out the middle into a rounded edge rectangle.

Very much like the jar above I only to make one modification and that is add a score line near the lid to make it fold. Since you can resize the file you can make all this project as big or a small as you want.

To show you guys how versatile this file is I went from frame type of shaker to plastic covering.

This final jar was used as an embellishment to make a sweet card to give to any friend.

Dead by Daylight Featured My Cards!!

Hey All,

Looks like my cards where featured by the creators of  Dead by Daylight YouTube page! WHAT is this this really happening? Yeah… those are my cards! Here the last three minutes of the show:

I had hoped that they would have showed the inside. Oh well I am super happy they liked it.

Free Valentine SVG (Limited Time)

Love is in the air and love can sometimes be fleeting. Just like these free SVG’s. Yes these lovely items are a limited time offer. Once they are gone they are gone!

So check them out:



Dead By Daylight Killer Valentine Cards

Creepy? Yes…. Morbid? Also yes. Was it a whole lot of fun to do. Oh you bet on the tip of your shiny ax it was.

What am I talking about? Killers, that’s what. I am making all 11 of the DBD killers into Valentine Cards. Each one with a romantic and oh so creepy lines. For that morbid lover in your life. Now I’m not selling these, we are going to be given these away on Twitch. If your not a follower of TehFreakPlays, Devilen84, or myself AiriDeviant.

We have lots of fun so come check us out. We are normally on around 8:30 EST Mon-Fri.

A2 Panel Heart Cards


Just simply beautiful. These are the materials that I used to make these simply magnificent cards.

  • Dollar Tree Holographic Paper
  • White Card Stock 8 1/2 x 11
  • A2 Panel Heart Cards SVG – Available HERE

Tutorial below:


Can I Silhouette That?

Hello All,

Well on tonight stream I took a Cricut image and converted it to a Silhouette file. But can it good as good as the original? The answer is in this video below:

Check out to see where or not if the Cricut Winnie the Pooh is better or the Silhouette.


Operation Valentine is a GO!

Hello All,

Operation Valentine is a GO! Want to know what its about check out Mel B over on YouTube to find out – This link is from 2016 but if you click on her channel you can see all the updates.

I wanted to show what I have been up to since January 1st over on Twitch Channel.

Mini Valentine Card out of Dollar Tree card:

Then I did larger ones for the little kids:

Last but not least I made some up cycled bookmarks:

New Year New Platform

Hello All!

Happy New Year! Hope your keeping up with your resolutions and going out there and doing something worth wild! With that being said 2017 I had record breaking sales on Etsy! I started streaming on Twitch how I made my ornaments and boy did I get a great response.

Now with 2018 her I have brand new items in my store! I even use some of these images as Twtich buttons. I am super proud of if I say so myself! Don’t get me wrong I love YouTube however Twitch me a freedom that YouTube cant give me at the moment.  For example on YouTube I have to make a video, edit (which takes a long time), then post. But with Twitch its all live and videos are saved on my computer. So I did want to edit it I can.

Its not perfect but I really like it. After doing my buttons for Twitch I am seriously thinking of changing my logo to this.

Anniversary Card Not A Valentine’s Day Card

Hello All,

Well Valentine’s Day is coming around again and I guess some one could consider the card below a Valentine’s Day Card. However since my birthday lands on February 14th I really don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day for a few reasons.

Here is Monica’s Top 5 Reason why I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day:

  1. It’s my birthday not Valentine’s Day. Card Makers had a slow sales month in February thus the day was born to pick up sales.
  2. Each time I go out on my birthday the price doubled on every restaurant, venue, and Movie Theaters.
  3. Locations are packed, good luck trying to find parking.
  4. I keep getting hearts and valentines candy rather than a Happy Birthday Card. I not one for pink shape hearts.
  5. Gifts prices go up on my Valentine’s Day, which is why I get stuck with hearts and valentine candy. It’s the only thing that’s cheap.

However I do celebrate my husband and I anniversary on February 1st which is why I have created this card below. It is also being put in Cardz Crazy RED, BLACK, & WHITE challenge. So that killed two birds with one stone.