Etsy vs Storenvy

Hello All, Well, I just couldn’t take Etsy. I did it once, I did it twice, and I may do it a third time but not now. For now, I am moving on to To create a store on was free; there is no fee to set up a store and no monthly fee. Yeah, you can say […]

Eco Friendly way to get adhesive off….

Hello All, Now I want to give manger Kudos to Dianarazana. Diana was the only person on YouTube as well as the internet that I was able to find an Eco Friendly way to get adhesive off glass. In addition it didn’t have me rubbing my fingers to nubs or make my skin crack.  I have tried everything, hot boiling […]

My Scrap Room Challenge #47

Hello All, Well it’s Challenge #47 over at My Scrap Room. If you haven’t checked out who these ladies are go there right now…. I’ll wait… go on you know you want to check out their page. Now that you have check out these fabulous ladies out this is the project I created. Now it’s not as good as […]

Trollers on My Phone!

Hello All, I wonder when random texting became okay to some people. This has not been my first random texter that been trolling. I don’t know if someone has a grudge against me or if I was born lucky to get troller on my cell.  Yesterday I received a text at 1:45am which I didn’t hear since my phone was […]

$2 Dollar Grab Bags at Michael’s

Hello, I know this is super late, but I wanted to let everyone know what can be found at Michael’s when they want to get rid of stuff fast. There are some good stuff as well as some duds, that what you get when you buy one of these grab bags. It’s a roll of the dice.

Buy that Special Someone Something Unique

Hello All, Since this is February and there are lots of people out there watching their dollars. I thought it would be neat that from Feb 2 -14 prices will be reduced, so if you thinking you don’t know what to get your geeky husband or gamer girlfriend. Come on over and buy that special someone something unique.

Michael’s 90% Event Jan 31st – Feb 2nd

Hello All, I know this is a day late but at least you won’t be a dollar short when you hear the news. As of January 31st – February 2nd if you present this to your Michael’s store you will save on already reduced products throughout the store. Which includes jewelry, stickers, & much more. Now don’t be fooled by […]