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Review on General – Eyelet Pliers and Revolving Punch July 2016

Hello All,

Well aside from going to Daiso I also when to Home Depot. And well I was pretty fired up to find these tools. I wanted to let you guys know what my Review is on General’s Eyelet Pliers and Revolving Punch.

Daiso Haul July 9 2016

Hello All,

Who is ready for a Daiso Haul! I am, oh oh I am!! I could have stayed there forever. But with two kids I was only able to stay in the store for about 20 minutes. I had to work quickly just to get what I was looking for. Sit back enjoy and leave me a comment below.

Orchard Moving Sale 10-17-2015

Hello All,

I went on an outing with my husband today to pick up a few things. To my surprise we went to Orchard Moving Sale, which is like going out of business but your favorite store is not long gone.  I had my reservation since you know most of the good stuff is gone but I was wrong, so so wrong.

I was able to find 15/32 or 1,1 cm Screw Eyes Pins in silver and gold, various size of cork tops, metal handles, and a decorative nob. Now mind you we were in that store for like 20 minutes, if I had a full hour or more I am sure I would have come home with a lot more.  But as luck would have it we had to be back home to meet the cable guy.

One thing I forgot to mention in my video is that while I was there we got a $10 dollar coupon so really out of pocket was just $1.25. But even if we did have to play for the full $11.25 that was a really good deal.

Rant on $2 Dollar Grab Bags from Michael’s

Have you ever walked into a store after your friends tell you there was a big sale, and you may be able to still find something good if you go? One, you most likely go because you totally love the sale and two your friends just walked away with bags and bags of stuff.

Well when I heard on YouTube that there was $2 Dollar bags at Michael’s and you see video after video of people coming home with tons of stuff it’s no different. At least it’s not to me, because that how it is now a days through social media. You see people you subscribe to telling what going on.

Did Michael’s advertise this? NOOOOooo did they do an email blast stating “one day only, while supplies last.” NOOOoooo!! Instead I hear about it days later on YouTube, DAYS!!! While others are racking it in I’m scraping the bottom of the barrel. And what do I find at the bottom pine cones. PINE CONES!!!

They have got to work out a better system then having social media do their dirty work. Okay that my rant for today. And if you’re like me just finding out about this just complain to Michael’s Head office who knows if there are enough of us telling then they need to know this is coming maybe they will post it.

Michael’s & 99 Cent Mini Haul

I am sure many of you are wondering “really a haul video?” To which I will say YES people it’s a haul video if you don’t like them, you don’t need to watch. But I find watching haul videos very informative. I mean if it wasn’t for hauls videos I wouldn’t know what is worth buying, when I can get them cheap, or what kind of crafts I can make. I don’t know about you but I don’t like spending full price on something when I can find it cheap through someone’s haul.

With that being said on with the show!


$2 Dollar Grab Bags at Michael’s


I know this is super late, but I wanted to let everyone know what can be found at Michael’s when they want to get rid of stuff fast. There are some good stuff as well as some duds, that what you get when you buy one of these grab bags. It’s a roll of the dice.