December, 2014

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Pass and Fail on Sharpie Mugs

Hello All,

I have been super excited to make these sharpie mugs for months and now that I have I have a few tips for you. Check your oven temperature before you start, just because your oven says 350 doesn’t mean it is. Every oven is different so just because 350 worked for me doesn’t mean it will for you. If you live in a higher climate or a lower one it will affect your backing time.

So these are the Pro’s and Con’s I got with my sharpie mugs.

  1. After looking at a few tutorials, some crafters said 275 others 425 degree. And baked time ranged from 1 hour to 30 minutes. I did mine at 350 for 30 minutes.
  2. If you wait for your mugs cool down in your oven there is higher chance to over bake so be mindful you don’t burn your art work.
  3. Don’t use regular sharpies with oil base sharpies. Regular sharpies will was away with in two hand washes. And wipe way in one wash in the dish washer. Even after baking it.
  4. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes just make sure you don’t use expensive mugs. Dollar mugs are great as testers.

Feel free to check out my video for anything I miss above:

Bedtime Wizard and Snuggling Kitten Coffee/Tea Mug

Hello All,

This mug was specifically made to go on Etsy. This is a one of a kind unique hand painted sharpie mug. Perfect for any wizard fans, anime, manga lovers, or for any person that likes to read. This illustration is of a small wizard in his aqua blue PJ’s pattern with purple moons and red stars. Snuggling his dark orange kitten, but before he goes to dream land he as to read his wizardry books. But no worries its top off with his kitten favorite ball of yarn to keep him company. If you want this before it sells out you can find it Here!

Diameter: 3 ½ inch
Height: 6 inches
Liquid: 15 oz
Illustrated with: Sharpie Oil Based Markers

This mug is done with sharpie oil based markers and fired in oven. To preserve the art image I would highly recommend hand washing with a soft sponge & soft cloth for drying to avoid harsh scuffs or scratches.