March, 2015

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Can I Pin It?

You know I love my YouTube viewing. One of my favorites YouTube personalities are Rob and Corrine from ThreadBangers. But what I love even more is Man vs Pin and Corrine vs Pin. They or Viewers find projects that are on and try to replicate on their show.

I nearly died laughing on some of their episodes.  Even though I don’t have charisma like those two, I did want to attempt some of the things I have seen on Pinterest.  So I checked out to see what I could do.  I thought to myself “I can make a super cute plushy for my little girl”……. Or could I? Let see what I came up with.

This is the Pin I tired to do below. This was provided by Pretty Toys.

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Well first off the site is in Russian. I had to translate it with Chrome, then I read the rough translation that went with it. (Thanks Google Chrome, if you can’t hear the sarcasm just know its there!) I printed and fussy cut the pattern. Which was not bad, it fit right on a 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper. I have felt and a needle and thread I had gotten at the dollar store.

As much as I would love to say that my project turn out awesome. the answer to that is “No”. My switching need a LOT of work. it wasn’t after I really looked at the example that I need to leave 5 centimeters or so and fold it in so you can’t see the stitching. But since it really didn’t state that anywhere on the pin or site I just went with what I knew.

However the pattern was simple and I was done an hour later. It would have been 20 minutes or less if I didn’t have my kids crawling all over me trying to see what I as making. However when I was done, my one year loved it as well as my four year old. I couldn’t put eyes on the fish/whale thing since my little girl is in the bite stage right now. And honestly I didn’t trust my sewing skills to put on a button knowing she would just rip it right off.

But not bad, needs some work but not bad. I give it a C+.

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Gina’s Challenge #75!

Hello All,

Well I have been keeping myself busy. Over at Gina site I have been participating a lot this year. I’m in a swap called the 12 Days of Christmas Swap and Gina’s Challenges.

My first challenge of the year #75 which is due March 8, 2015 at 8pm MT. You can use this for just about anything you want. You can use it for recipes cards, jewelry caddie, take out the dividers and you can have small book stand

Take a look at the picture of how mine turned out – I call it  Aphrodite Secrets.

The following materials I used are:

  1. DCWV “The Girl Stack” pattern paper
  2. Foam hearts
  3. Baby Clothes Pins
  4. Cereal Box
  5. Pat Pend corner rounder
  6. White Lace Trim
  7. Pink Adhesive Sequins Trim
  8. McGill 1 ½ Decorative Tag
  9. Cork
  10. Artisan Cricut Cartridge

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