Live Twitch Stream – Ornaments Part2

Hello All, Well, it’s round two. On November the 27th I lived stream again. I am working on sculpting the rest of The Nightmare Before Christmas ornaments, such as Sally and Zero. As a special request from “THE UNICORN OF EVIL” a good friend of the family, I am making Warwitch’s beloved pet ShadowPaw. Well at least ShadowPaws Christmas Emote. […]

Where To Now?

Hello All, I have removed my original post, I just sounded way too salty. To be honest it was a moment of anger. Which we all have so I was advised by family and friends to just (KISS) it -Keep It Stupidly Simple I am not talking, there is not happy music, and it’s not even that long. I just […]

How to Make Your Own Christmas Mug Box SVG

Hello Everyone, today’s tutorial will be a little different this is a Start to Finish project using Cricut Design Space, and only using nothing more than basic shapes. These are how my box came out using my Cricut. If you are looking to make these boxes without having to create yourself. Check out the link below to get your SVG: […]