August, 2015

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August 2015 – Villains 2

Hello All,

This box was large and heavy! Even thought it was a day or two late I couldn’t help but to open it ASAP. When I did open it I noticed a bright red Marvel box taking up almost all the space. Which I found odd since my husband Venom mug is much smaller.

Inside was this scary yet beautiful mug. Having a Carnage mug is a little weird cus it almost looks like a red Spawn doppelganger. Giving it a more demonic look. I know about carnage back story but his comics was very short lived I think. My husband and I had a debate on who was bigger Venom or Carnage. My husband sill insist Carnage was bigger thus the bigger mug. I however disagree.

I was not a big fan of the Joker toy, yet my husband love all things wood. Especially wooden toys Post and Pre War II. If I should give this to my son, I can only see my four year old playing with it loosing parts and becoming a forgotten memory in his toy box or under the couch. I just can’t see doing that to Joker. Maybe my husband can find it a good home….. OR I could do it as a give-a-way….. If I should hit 100 subbies that might be a possibility.

Dollar Tree Halloween Test Tube 2014

Hello All,

Last year I took photos for my Halloween Test Tubes. I made a video about them but I didn’t post any photos. I posted them for my Etsy store and not one sold, so sad boo hoo. I think what I need to do is make them SVG only and maybe that will sell… Hopefully!

However this year I know for a fact that the dollar tree will having “test tube” again and I thought I let you all know to pick them up.

This is what you guys can make:

I have found a few wonderful tutorial you can make on YouTube:

If you have a Cricut check out:

If you have a score board check out:

Inspired by Lori Whitlock Pencil Shaped Box

Hello All,

I have been seeing a lot of back to school stuff for teacher such as card, and treat bags, mini tote’s, and boxes. But to be honest after seeing the cost of just buying something for my son teacher. I thought it best to make it at home then going to the store and making it.

So I looked on line for inspiration. I came across these picture online and thought to myself I can totally make this on my silhouette.  It took me a bit but it didn’t come put half bad

pencil shape box LW-Pencil-Shaped-Box-400x400

My first prototype didn’t come out quite like hers . I had the closer on the bottom which I thought was fine,  but after some time opening and closing I figured the teacher would have a hard time keeping any treat in if she lifted up.


My second attempt looks more like Lori Whitlock image. Now I know the paper looks flimsy. That because I used plain copy paper. I didn’t want to use up my good card stock on a project that didn’t line up or one side was higher than the other.


As you can see the one left looks slightly taller then the right that because if I wanted to have the box open up from the eraser part, I need to make the base bigger which made the pencil a little taller.

As always I wouldn’t leave you guys hanging. if you want to make something like mine I have found this free printable online.

Art Nouveau Inspired Deviantart Charm

Hello All,

Let see it’s been about a year that my husband took me to SCRAP in San Francisco. This is where I found my super cute mini bottles for under a dollar. I hope to go there again but since my husband has informed until I use up all my supplies there is no need to go get more. Bummer!

So I decided to do just that. I looked on Pinterest as it seem to be my go to place for inspiration. I found myself looking at two things, Art Nouveau and charms. Since I never really worked with small mini glass jars before I thought it best to search the topic. What I found was a borage of images that had my mind going 20 different directions. My mind was in a state of orgasmic explosions that it literally was bursting full of ideas. (he he he…) But in all seriousness I had to turn away from the computer and relax my mind otherwise I would be in a fetal position.

So I turn off Pinterest and went on to, which had a better direction on what I really wanted to do. After scrolling down a bit I found what I was looking for I found an artist called ArchanSoul. Who had posted this:


I was stunned at how simple and beautiful it was, I was inspired to make it! But since this artiest didn’t have any description on how to do this I just went on sight alone. And this is what I came up with.


Once I’m done painting it and adding glow-in-the dark clay or paint I will post it. I love how this turned out. I going to rummage through my supplies to see if I can find more mini charms and see what I can come up with.