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What You May Have Missed

Hey All,

I not able to post on by blog all the time and normally I just want to take a photo and go. That what I have been doing on my Instagram –  – .

Here why you might have missed:

I am creating more with the Shrink Film. I will be coming out with some more Pokemon items soon.

Can You Make Your Own Shrinky Dinks?

Hello All,

Well I always wanted to make my own Shrinky Dinks. But…. Uhhhgg,  I will need to go buy them online or at Diaso for $1.50 for one sheet. Who need the aggravation of going outside. And if you know me I’m all about the free.

So I went on to YouTube to see “if” it was possible to make my own charm. And sure enough it is. I sifted through a few videos and this one I like the best.

Next I went to online and found an image I liked.


Now I’m a firm believer of NOT stealing. I am not selling this, I just wanted to see if what “Jordan Sphinx” was saying was true. Can you use #6 Plastic in a confection oven to make a your own Shrinky Dinks? And the answer is Yes… yes you can.

The instruction were simple and the tips he gave on his YouTube video where spot on. So after cutting up my #6 plastic Chinese Food container. This is what I came out with.

Not to shabby right? Well… now that I have made this I’m looking all over the house for #6 plastic. But alas this little tidbit is all I could fine. I need to tell my hubby to order some more take out. hahahah!!! But in all seriousness Jordan Sphinx thanks for the help.


Update On What I’ve been Working On!

Hello Crafty People!

Well I know I have  been silent since September. But a lot has happen, first I had to make two set of birthday invitations for a LEGO themed party. Why two set? Well the first set were “lost” by my nephew. His young so I forgave him. Then I had to make Ninjago Stickers for the balloons, straw Lego heads, LEGO treat bag faces and Masks, and LEGO cupcake holder (which were scraped). Oh well all fare in love and parties.

I have been working on ornaments as well for Christmas. These little guys I know will be selling out fast when I post them on Esty. They always do.

I have also been working on Spider Charms. These guys look super realistic. So much so, my little girl wouldn’t touch them for fear that it was going to jump out at her. I will be posting a tutorial on how I made them on Friday.

Art Nouveau Inspired Deviantart Charm

Hello All,

Let see it’s been about a year that my husband took me to SCRAP in San Francisco. This is where I found my super cute mini bottles for under a dollar. I hope to go there again but since my husband has informed until I use up all my supplies there is no need to go get more. Bummer!

So I decided to do just that. I looked on Pinterest as it seem to be my go to place for inspiration. I found myself looking at two things, Art Nouveau and charms. Since I never really worked with small mini glass jars before I thought it best to search the topic. What I found was a borage of images that had my mind going 20 different directions. My mind was in a state of orgasmic explosions that it literally was bursting full of ideas. (he he he…) But in all seriousness I had to turn away from the computer and relax my mind otherwise I would be in a fetal position.

So I turn off Pinterest and went on to, which had a better direction on what I really wanted to do. After scrolling down a bit I found what I was looking for I found an artist called ArchanSoul. Who had posted this:


I was stunned at how simple and beautiful it was, I was inspired to make it! But since this artiest didn’t have any description on how to do this I just went on sight alone. And this is what I came up with.


Once I’m done painting it and adding glow-in-the dark clay or paint I will post it. I love how this turned out. I going to rummage through my supplies to see if I can find more mini charms and see what I can come up with.

Kawaii Books

Wow I am a really big polymer clay this week. I was looking at Sweetorials on YouTube and she made this super cute Kawaii book. I thought to myself “self, you can do that right?” to which I stop myself before talking to myself and say “yes.” But I didn’t want to waste clay since I don’t work very cleanly.

So I got my scrap clay and began rolling it out and following her instructions. After I baked I noticed it looked darker then needed to. At least the white part did. I am not sure if I over baked or my oven burn it. Even so this is what it came out:

Pacman & Inky

Hey All,

I have taken a small break on my Silhouette and started working with clay for  a bit. In honor the movie Pixel I have made my own Pacman and Inky. Now this is my first attempt at making this out of polymer clay. Not bad, but not great. I just followed MegaCraftmania on YouTube. This is how it came out:

Pacman and Inky

Sorry for the bad lighting but there you have it.

I didn’t have that roller cutter like she did, so I used my needle tool and poked holes and my knife to shape the ends. I also felt like painting it rather then adding layers.  If you want to take a look at the tutorial the link is below.

Chomper and Nintendo Piranha Plant

Hello All!

Man how times files why you don’t post. But rest assured I am still crafting. In fact my craft room has nothing but unfinished project everywhere!! Uggh what happened to me? I know what it is, it’s the funk… it happens to all crafters.

So I kicked my own butt and got it in gears after looking at this Pinterest post.


But how to do it? Well luckily for me I have the internet!! And I remember a few weeks back a YouTuber by the name ArtzieRush made a Chomper from Plants vs Zombies tutorial.  Here her tutorial:

So I put my skill to the test and did the Chomper first. This is what I came up with.

I also made earrings to go with the necklace.

Using the same principle I made this Nintendo Piranha Plant.

Gina’s Challenge #75!

Hello All,

Well I have been keeping myself busy. Over at Gina site I have been participating a lot this year. I’m in a swap called the 12 Days of Christmas Swap and Gina’s Challenges.

My first challenge of the year #75 which is due March 8, 2015 at 8pm MT. You can use this for just about anything you want. You can use it for recipes cards, jewelry caddie, take out the dividers and you can have small book stand

Take a look at the picture of how mine turned out – I call it  Aphrodite Secrets.

The following materials I used are:

  1. DCWV “The Girl Stack” pattern paper
  2. Foam hearts
  3. Baby Clothes Pins
  4. Cereal Box
  5. Pat Pend corner rounder
  6. White Lace Trim
  7. Pink Adhesive Sequins Trim
  8. McGill 1 ½ Decorative Tag
  9. Cork
  10. Artisan Cricut Cartridge

20150228_233530 20150228_233551 20150228_233604 20150228_233752

42nd Annual Castro Valley Fall Festival

Hello Subbies,


Well it’s late and my kids are finally asleep and I can blog about my day. Today and tomorrow is the 42nd Annual Castro Valley Fall Festival. It start at 10am and runs till 6pm. My family and I had a great time! I love our local business they are the best people you can ever meet, and just seeing them all on the strip made it all the more easily to see them all.

I saw some new faces and some and I missed a few. But the atmosphere was surreal; there were so many people that it blew my mind.


Let me just say the amazing smell of the vendors would make any tummy rumble.


The lines seem to go down the street for some food vendors and I can tell you why. If your vegan turn away this is not for you. But for all of you that love the smell of BBQ keep watching.

Oh yeah, mouth watering!!! You can smell this for blocks and this is why people were coming. But once you were there the rest is what made you stay.  There was music from live bands which sadly I couldn’t get clear photos of. But you saw little kids and adults just rocking out right on the street.


But I did get some nice shots of the local vendors like “Auntie Nel’s Fine Foods” best baked goods and hot food this side of Castro Valley. If you go to her site get 20% off discount when you place your first order.



My favorite stop was the “FRESH KETTLE KORN” Oh those delicious kernels of caramel goodness has me coming around every Saturday at the Farmers Market. However, I didn’t need to go there today since they were at the festival.


And after my bag loads of popcorn I headed over to Mehendi Artist nothing better than some henna tattooing while you’re at a festival. I think that was Swati Shah giving a customer a lovely ink job. If you want to see their handy work, check them out at


And Operation MOM were there, got to give it to the military family support group. These ladies really dedicated there time while I was there.  If you want to know what they are all about take a look at their site


After a few hours there we got a little thirsty so we got ourselves some drinks. Not bad beer or wine for 5 bucks and you get one of these lovely glasses.


Once we had our drinks we stop off at Kate Bartolomei place called USBORNE Books & More. She is a lovely woman that is an author and lover of the written word.  My son kept snatching at her books trying to read them; we would have spent the rest of the day at her booth if it wasn’t for my 11 month old daughter grumpy mood. It was a bit warm and she was on her last leg. She wanted her naptime and she wanted it now.  If you want to check her out, click


I wish I had more photos, but it didn’t dawn on me to take them when we got there. There was a big kids section with bouncy house, climbing tents, space jumpers, and tons of kids with faces paintings. Oh I almost forgot “SEW IN LOVE” where there. My favorite shop in Castro Valley. They had the cuties Halloween clothing you can check them out at VS

Hello All,

Yes, I am doing a recap on this from February 13, 2013. I wanted to do a pro and con list for each of these stores:

 Etsy – Con

  • Fees/Cost – for each item you post and quantity, anything you sell Etsy gets a cut, and shipping
  • No Self-Promoting (this can be good or bad on how you want to be promoted)
  • Break down of Fees from Etsy –

 Etsy – Pro

  • Nice Website
  • Promoted Well
  • Easy Navigation
  • Blog Tutorials
  • Community Groups

Now looking at the list the Pros do out wait the Cons but as I said in the video you get what you pay for.

Storenvy – Con

  • No Promoting
  • All Self-Promoting (this can be good or bad on how you want to be promoted)
  • Your Store Website you get for free not the best. If you know HTML, you will know how to make it look the way you want. But for a novice like me, it doesn’t work.
  • After I close my shop I am still getting follower add to my shop. (Which is very suspicious, because I close my store in February… why do I still have followers clicking to be added if there are no products? Just checked my account I have 11 people just added to my site… Why?)

 Storenvy – Pro

  • It’s free – unlimited amount of product you want to post, no fee for shipping, or storenvy will not get a cut of what you sell… if you sell.
  • Self-Promoting (this can be good or bad on how you want to be promoted)
  • If you know HTML, you will know how to make your store front look the way you want.

Okay Storenvy is 50/50, if you do a lot of YouTube, Pinterest, or any other social media and have a somewhat large fan base you could be successful. Really it’s all comes to you and how much efforts you put in to your business.