Happy Birthday Princesses

Hello All, My friend Jean needed a birthday card for her 10 year old granddaughter. She told me that she loved purple and princesses things. So as a thank you for allowing me set up my shop at their annual Holiday Boutique this year. I made her this for granddaughter. If your reading this thanks again Jean!    

Snow Globe Christmas Tree

Hello All, Well we are getting ever closer to Christmas and I keep thinking about snow. Since it really doesn’t snow in California unless you drive to some snowy forsaken mountain that has more rock then snow, it really doesn’t really count.   So to cheer me up I made myself a little snow globe card. I’m sure some of you […]

3D Snowflake Card

Hello All, This is not a new idea of course; we all learn how to make 3D snowflakes in grade school with construction paper and glue.  Nevertheless, just because we learn something as children doesn’t mean we shouldn’t bring out the kids in use.  So I dug out my inner kid and pulled out this lovely idea and added my […]

Etsy Shop Now Opened!

Hello All, Well my Etsy shop is now open here is my link to my shop. I will be posting this on Facebook, twitter, and Youtube. Happy Shopping,   etsy.com/shop/UniqueDesignbyMonica

Selling on Etsy

Hello, I am so sorry all! Well its looks like my webmaster was not able to fix my shops problems after all. After a long discussion we had to throw in the towel and set up shop on Etsy. It’s not something we wanted to do but since all my goods can’t be properly sold we thought it best. Once […]

Elegant Ideas – Etched Glass Containers

Hello All, Need a quick idea? Why not DIY yourself some etched glass containers. I found these cute glass containers at Ross a few weeks ago and thought they make great socking stuffers for family and friends. All you really need is some contact paper (the same stuff you line your kitchen cabinets) cut out some attractive patterns stick them on […]

Order System Issues!!

Hello All, My webmaster tells me there are still bugs in the system. If you want to make an order please feel free to submit your order to orders@uniquedesignsbymonica.com. He tells me that issue should be resolved by Friday at the latest.

Shipping Errors Fixed

Hello All, I was recently informed by customers that my website was charging an insane amount for shipping. After speaking with the head of IT aka my husband who indecently knows about IT and has an engineering background was able to fix the problem. I wanted to inform you all that shipping is a flat rate of $6.00 for multiple items. If the […]

Super Mario Bro. Coin Box

Hello All, For those of you that have been following my posts on Facebook, I know you guys  know that I have made these adorable gift boxes for each ornament that pertains to Super Mario Bro. And for each order of any Super Mario ornament will receive the box for free! Man I love having my shop and running!  

Pokémon – Jigglypuff

Hello All, After completing an order recently of 15 Super Mario Bro Ornaments I thought I move away from SMB for a bit and move to Pokémon.  So my most recent ornament is this charming Jigglypuff! I have to say Jigglypuff is my most favorite creature since it aired on TV oh so many Moons ago.