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Playing Raft

Hello All,

All work and no play makes me a boring girl!  So for tonight I will be playing Raft with a few friends on www.twitch.tv/airideviant

However after this Friday I will be putting my nose to the grind stone. Yes its that time of year again! Ornaments!!!! Ornaments!!!! Ornaments!!!! Ornaments!!!!

So get your order placed over at “HERE”.

Just so you see what kind of ornaments I do please take a look below:

Door Hanger SVG After Hours on Twitch

Hello All,

These are a few more ideas that I came up with on Twitch.

For all you Pumpkin Spice Drinkers this one is for you! We though it best to cut the top to see if we can get more Pumpkin goodness in to the SVG.

Then we got a bit fancy and made some thing for Valentine’s Day.

Get Well Treat Box

Hey All,

I have been feeling under the weather and this Tennessee heat doesn’t make it any better. It got me thinking, there are not a lot of “Get Well Gifts” to give to people. Why is that?

I know that Kleenex had a box a few years ago, and I though it was a great idea. But like many seasons, it changed and I never saw it again. That’s why this time around I going to make as many as I can.  These should be up on Sunday but if you don’t see it hit me up.

Jane Pickering at Oodles of Love. Handmade Creations

Hello All!

Have you heard about Jane Pickering over at Oodles of Love. Handmade Creations? If you haven’t check her out at https://m.facebook.com/oodlesoflove.handcrafted/?__nodl&ref=www.facebook.com&_rdr She is amazing, look at the astonishing work she did just using one of my SVG. I never in a million years could I have come up with something so creative. If you want to make this you can pick up this SVG HERE!


I would drink out of this everyday! Look how beautiful she is! She used vinyl on one and a sublimation on the other (below I think). Which I have no clue what sublimation means but I LOVE IT! Oh the quotes she used PERFECT!

New Products on Etsy

Hello Everyone,

My Etsy has some new product that I am sure you want to check out for this upcoming holiday season. Check me out at Etsy Shop

T-Shirt Dying as Christmas Gift

Happy New Year Everybody,

Well its been a long 2016 and I am super happy it is finally 2017. A new chapter, a new year full of crafty stuff. And on that note let go back to Christmas as we did something totally different this holiday with my family.

What we ended up doing is a “Create Your Own Gift” exchanged. Honestly it was a bit refreshing to see what my sisters would come up with. Since they have different forms of craftiness. For example I can’t sew to save my life but my little sister Rosemary has an amazing eye for it. The second eldest sister has an awesome talent to look at a room and make it look beautiful. Which I can not.

Luckily for me I drew my Bother-in-Law so I didn’t have to try to sew or figure out what went well in a room. Few dodged a bullet there! And speaking of bullets I though what a perfect gift to give a gamer then a T-Shirt with Bullet Bill on it.  Now my Bother-in-Law is not a tiny man. He as tall as a Tree and skinny as one too.  So no 8.50 X 11 image could be placed on this XL shirt.

No I had to use my Silhouette Cameo 12 X 24 Mat to get the Stencil done. Much like I had to do for all his shirts.  Now I have never bleached a shirt in my life…. Well not on purpose any way. So I went to http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-bleach-shirts-with-custom-designs/ to see how I could make this happen.

Bullet Bill

Since I was using my Silhouette I didn’t really use 80% of the items posted. Instead of freezer paper I used just plan old packing paper ( You know the kind of stuff that comes in Amazon boxes) and packing tape to hold down my images. I wanted the T-shirts to look vintage so if any bleach bleed throw it just gave that worn out look.


TellTale – The Walking Dead

Now this one took a little more care to make a layer effect. Since Instructable.com didn’t really have anything I could reference I went to the next best thing YouTube. Here I found a YouTuber who can teach you how to layer when you bleach. His YouTube tag is Mad Stuff With Rob: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VdnCUvCENRQ&t=451s. Not only his he funny but gives you clear insturctions on how to do his right.

Shadow of the Colossus

This one is my favorite silhouette images I made. However a red T-shirt was not the way to go.  It came out to light and a lot of the details where lost. Overall he seem to really like it any way, which is the reason we even did this.

Well I hope you liked what you see, I hope to post some videos soon.

Shopkins Now on Etsy

Hello All,

Guess how has some Shopkins in their store. ME! That’s right if your looking to give the the Shopkins lover in your life something unique. Then head on over to my shop here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/UniqueDesignbyMonica?ref=hdr_shop_menu.

And if you don’t see the Shopkins you like then I can custom order it for you. Take a look what is new.

Snow Crush


Cake Pop

Cherie Tomato

Googy Egg

Mandy Candy



New Ornaments Coming To My Etsy Shop

I have been hard at work creating new ornaments. I really don’t want to toot my own horn here, but I got to say I love, LOVE the way they all came out.

WOOHOO I can’t believe these are going on my site soon.






JiggalyPuff Personal

Paint Stick Holiday Decor

Hello All,

This weekend my mother-in-law, aunt-in-law, and I created the most cutest decor I have ever seen. I was really even more impress on how cheap and easy it was. One 10 pack gives me 3 large snowmen and one single stick snowman.  So for 4 projects its around $11.00, which comes to 2.75 each project. Now if you have never purchased any kind of craft supplies that how much it would cost you to make.

And if your thinking of giving a gift to a friend or a family member with out emptying out your wallet its not a bad way to go.


Single Stick Snowman Materials:

  • Home Depot – 10 Pack Paint Mixing Sticks (0.98 cents)
  • Michael’s – Black, white, Orange Paint (0.20 cents each)
  • Michael’s – Last year’s Christmas Ribbon on sale 80% off (Pack of 4 for 0.20 cents)
  • Michael’s – Pink Ink Demo Sample (0.25 cents)
  • Walmart – Black Sharpies (pack of 6 for 5.00)
  • Walmart – Dish sponge the cheapest (1.00 for 4)
  • Dollar Tree – Red and white Twine ( Pack of 3 for a 1.00)
  • Dollar Tree – Glue Gun with Sticks (1.00 each)
  • Dollar Tree – Popsicle Sticks ( bag of 200 is 1.00)


Large Stick Snowmen Materials:

  • Home Depot – 10 Pack Paint Mixing Sticks (0.98 cents)
  • Michael’s – Black, white, Orange, Red Paint (0.20 cents each)
  • Michael’s – Last year’s Christmas Ribbon on sale 80% off (Pack of 4 for 0.20 cents)
  • Michael’s – Pink Ink Demo Sample (0.25 cents)
  • Walmart – Black Sharpies
  • Walmart – Dish sponge the cheapest (1.00 for 4)
  • Dollar Tree – Red and white Twine ( Pack of 3 for a 1.00)
  • Dollar Tree – Sticker Embellishments (Pack of 20 for 1.00)
  • com – Christmas Holly SVG (free from Freebie of the Day!)
  • Dollar Tree – Glue Gun with Sticks (1.00 Each)

Loot Crate, Loot Anime Crate, And More LOOT!

Well I’m just catching up on all my loot create and Anime Loot Create. That I had to post it all in one go.  So scroll down and have a ball as I show you all my loot.