How to Make a Bee SVG – Silhouette Cameo

Hello All, It’s the season for craft fairs and honey conventions. And if you are a maker of soups, teas, candle makers, and honey distribute. Most often they contain something bee related. That why I made this SVG to teach others how they can make there own bee for labels, cards, or even business cards. Have fun crafting and learning.

How to Make a Piggy Bank SVG – Silhouette Cameo

Hello All, Well, it looks like I am a day late in posting on my blog. But it’s summer! Hot weather, cool drinks, and pools, pools, pools. With all that fun in the sun, I haven’t saved a lick for the upcoming season. Which brings me with this how-to video of “Girls Just Want To Have Funds.” Learn how to […]

Re-Opening Etsy

I am not going big on this, by any stretch of the imagination, and I’m going to try to sell ornaments starting in September 1st if this year so that it doesn’t take too much time away from blogging. However I am excited about it!  And judging from how much I sold in year past, you all are excited, too! […]