No Friday Night Highlight Today…

Well, it’s Friday Night (late night) and it looks like I won’t be able to make my deadline for today’s highlight. In the lyrics from Hot Chelle Rae, “it’s been a really really messed up week. Seven days of torture, seven days of bitter.” Just taking care of two small kids and everything that comes with that I wonder why […]

Free Silhouette Images Last Day

Hey Crafters, If you don’t get the Silhouette newsletters or have seen any of the many posts that have been put on YouTube. Then let me be the first to inform you that today March 27, 2014, is the very last day to get your free Silhouette images from their website.  Now if you have missed any of their images […]

Pop Up Card Tutorials

Hello Crafters, Well, it’s Friday Highlights again, now I must beg for your pardon for my Part 2 video I said Triangle when I meant to say Rectangle and vice versa. I think I had a little less sleep than I would like on that day, but I think most of you got a general idea of what I wanted […]

Shamrock, Seed, Leaf, Heart, Butterfly, & Bow

Hello You Crafty People, Ever thought to yourself I can do that? Well, I had an “Ah-Ha” moment while I was looking at Silhouette online store. Sure everything is 50% off and 40 cents don’t mean much when you’re rummaging through hundreds of images. But some of the images I was like “I can totally make this myself” so I […]

Polaroid Card – Girly Girl

Hey Crafter, Well it’s now Saturday morning at 12:26 am to be accurate, and YouTube is taking forever to post my tutorials. This is super bad since my Friday Night Highlight is starting to become Saturday Morning.  Ah well at least I’m getting it done and with no kids trying to sabotage me or call me away because they have […]

Happy Birthday Little Guy Tutorial

Hello Crafters, Guess what today is Friday!!! Whooo Hooo I can’t wait for tonight because I will be showing you how to make this card: Now I will not be showing you how I made the little bear but I will be showing you how I made the layout. Using just basic shapes and normal fonts as well as how […]

Starting Friday Night

Hello Crafters, Monica here back in the pho limelight again. I feel like one of those no-name Hollywood actors that do a few shows here and there, then they disappear for a few years and out of nowhere pop up again. Like a gofer, prairie dog, or some other mammal that pokes its head out. However, no longer I say!!! […]