March, 2014

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No Friday Night Highlight Today…

Well it’s Friday Night (late night) and it looks like I won’t be able to make my deadline for today’s highlight. In the lyrics from Hot Chelle Rae “it’s been a really really messed up week. Seven days of torture, seven days of bitter.”

Just taking care of two small kids and everything that comes with that I wonder why I even craft sometimes. I know I love it but if I ever hope to re-open Etsy I need to make products. I honestly don’t see that happen with the way things are going.

Well I’ll just keep bulging away I am sure it won’t be like this forever. Lord knows that change is everything in life and nothing ever stays the same. I just need to patient…

Free Silhouette Images Last Day

Hey Crafters,

If you don’t get the Silhouette news letters or seen any of the many post that has been put on YouTube. Then let me be the first to inform you that today March 27, 2014 is the very last day to get your free Silhouette images from there website. 

Now if you have miss any of their images please be sure to take a look the tutorial below on how to claim all of them before it’s too late.

Pop Up Card Tutorials

Hello Crafters,

Well its Friday Highlights again, now I must beg for your pardon for my Part 2 video I said Triangle when I meant to say Rectangle and vice versa. I think I had a little less sleep then I would like on that day, but I think most of you got the general idea what I wanted to convey.

And if you actually saw my Part 2 video you guys would have noticed I did a bounce feature image. So if you haven’t checked that out be sure to do so. It’s been super fun making these tutorials I hope I can make many more. Now down to the free stuff, if you don’t want to follow my instructions on how to make the Font, Cupcake or Balloon images you can find them here:

Happy  Birthday Font

For the Happy Birthday Font you can get the  free SVG file by going to

Or you can download free  fonts by going to and  Sarah’s World 4 u  can show you how to upload them to your computer by checking out her tutorial right there

Cupcake Image

Here is a cupcake image that you can put into your Silhouette Cameo


For super cute balloons you can find them here 

Flower Images 

I really love Birds work especially her flowers take a look:

Okay you crafter sit back and enjoy the show!

Part 1 – Pop Up Card

Part 2 – Little Boy & Girl

Part 3 – Cupcake, Balloons, & Font 

Shamrock, Seed, Leaf, Heart, Butterfly, & Bow

Hello You Crafty People,

Ever thought to yourself I can do that? Well I had an “Ah Ha” moment while I was looking at Silhouette online store. Sure everything is 50% off and 40 cents don’t mean much when you’re rummaging through hundreds of images. But some of the images I was like “I can totally make this myself” so I sat at my computer and tried to figure it out.

While I was in my thought process I came across several images I could do with just a basic shape. And I thought “huh I don’t see anyone on YouTube posting about this”. So enjoy your Silhouette crafter… enjoy


Polaroid Card – Girly Girl

Hey Crafter,

Well it’s now Saturday morning 12:26 am to be accurate, and YouTube is taking forever to post my tutorials. This is super bad since my Friday Night Highlight is starting to become Saturday Morning.  Ah well at least I’m getting it done and with no kids trying to sabotage me or call me away because they have a crayon stuck up someone’s nose, I can deal with a little lateness. Let start off with some freebies so you can duplicate my card and save yourself some hassle.

Free Polaroid Frames

If you’re looking for a pre-made Polaroid Frame check out SVGCuts – this link will take you to 3 frames that have Polaroid frames. Just download and save it to your Silhouette Studio.

Free Tag

If you’re looking for some ornate tags to slap on any card or mix media project then check out Birdscards – this nifty crafter can really pull out the stops for every designs she does.

Free Fonts

Dafont, dafont, dafont, I can’t say any bad thing about they have what you need without the hassle. And if you want to find out how to port their files on to your desktop files check out this sweet tutorial by Sarah’s World 4 U – this is where I found out about Dafont and how I was able to import their files.

But if you want to kick it old school like me and be a DIY’er check out my tutorials below. Thanks for stopping by don’t forget to subscribe to my blog for next week Friday Night Highlight!

Happy Birthday Little Guy Tutorial

Hello Crafters,

Guess what today is Friday!!! Whooo Hooo I can’t wait for tonight because I will be showing you how to make this card:


Now I will not be showing you how I made the little bear but I will be showing you how I made the layout. Using just basic shapes and normal fonts as well as how to get free fonts using

So stay tone!

Next week I will be showing you how to make you this card next week. Not just the box but the little girl and the balloons as well in a 3 part tutorial.

Happy Birthday Little Girl

Starting Friday Night

Hello Crafters,

Monica here back in the pho limelight again. I feel like one of those no name Hollywood actors that do a few shows here and there, then they disappears for a few years and out of nowhere pop up again. Like a gofer, prairie dog, or some other mammal that pokes its head out.

However no longer I say!!! I have laid down the law and begged my husband repeatedly to give me Friday nights to post and record. LOL that funny right there, I don’t care who you are…. No, I spoke with my husband frankly and we came to an agreement that he would take care of the kids while I post on Friday night. (I know his awesome isn’t he. Got a love a man that supports his wife no matter how stupid the idea.)

I don’t know what to call this series yet; I’m thinking maybe Night Time Silhouettes? Friday Tutorials? Eh no I don’t like that either maybe you guys can come up with something. Anyway I will be doing mostly Silhouette tutorials. It will not be tutorials on how the system works but how to make your own images, cards, and even 3D designs just using basic shapes. Just on the off chance you (the crafter) are using the Free Silhouette Studio Software. If not that I will most defiantly be showing pages where you can get FREE SVG and Studio files. Because everyone loves free, especially when the free stuff is good.

And to start it off with the FREE kick, check out SILHOUETTE TOP 40 sites. You can find current crafters that are posting free SVG’s, Studio files, and other tutorials to make the very stuff you want to create. Check it out below:

OH I almost forgot! Check out every Tuesday they have a free image.