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Starting Friday Night

Starting Friday Night

Hello Crafters,

Monica here back in the pho limelight again. I feel like one of those no-name Hollywood actors that do a few shows here and there, then they disappear for a few years and out of nowhere pop up again. Like a gofer, prairie dog, or some other mammal that pokes its head out.

However, no longer I say!!! I have laid down the law and begged my husband repeatedly to give me Friday nights to post and record. LOL that funny right there, I don’t care who you are…. No, I spoke with my husband frankly and we came to an agreement that he would take care of the kids while I post on Friday night. (I know he’s awesome isn’t he. Got a love a man that supports his wife no matter how stupid the idea.)

I don’t know what to call this series yet; I’m thinking maybe Night-Time Silhouettes? Friday Tutorials? Eh no I don’t like that either maybe you guys can come up with something. Any way I will be doing mostly Silhouette tutorials. It will not be tutorials on how the system works but how to make your own images, cards, and even 3D designs just using basic shapes. Just on the off chance, you (the crafter) are using the Free Silhouette Studio Software. If not that I will most defiantly be showing pages where you can get FREE SVG and Studio files. Because everyone loves free, especially when the free stuff is good.

And to start it off with the FREE kick, check out SILHOUETTE TOP 40 sites. You can find current crafters that are posting free SVG’s, Studio files, and other tutorials to make the very stuff you want to create. Check it out below:

OH, I almost forgot! Check out every Tuesday they have a free image.


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