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Past Live Stream on Twitch – Product Testing Projects Part4 – Silhouette

Hello All,

I remember this time in my life, Cricut has informed at the end of 2017 that I was not able to use my Cricut Expression. So I was like I need product Testers! I had just opened my new store in March of 2018 and I was in a panic.

After I streamed on YouTube accidentally I had zero bites. I went to different groups on Facebook with small successes. It took me a few “months” to buckle to buy my Cricut Explore One.

Sigh… It was worth it just to test my products on Circut and Silhouette. So I can say with currently that my SVG work with these systems.

After product testing this is how the project game out:

Ultimate Grill Card SVG

How To Make A Rattle – Cricut Design Space

Hello Crafter,

How are you loving the Great Indoors? I know there is ALOT of stuff going on in the world right now and I am not making light of any of it. Well maybe just a little, however, I am going to keep this space what I hope it is on a normal day.  A place to find things to do, how to make your own cut files, and basic shape life hacks.  A place to make life easier while you are stuck indoors. 

Today I will be showing you how to make a baby rattle for either a boy or a girl. I am sure you will be making a lot of these after the quarantine is over (wink, wink).

So let get started, shall we?

How to Make Your Cupcake (Start to Finish) – Cricut Design Space

Hello All,

Here it is the start to finish and boy oh boy did it come out really good! Now I know this video is not my typical Twitch Stream and its already on Youtube.

Well, let’s just say this day was kind of cursed from beginning to end. That even my original video has now gone missing. Don’t ask me why today was so off but hey at least I have something to show you guys.

Final Results:

Past Live Stream on Twitch – Product Testing Easter Projects Part3 – Silhouette

Hello All,

You guessed it more product testing from 2018. This one was super fun to do and I would have shown you how I got this. But my little girl needed so much attention that I couldn’t show it.

But once she found all my bubbles she was a happy little girl. In the end, my Easter Wagon Pop Up Card SVG came out super cute!

Here is the result of this project:

Easter Wagon Pop Up Card SVG

How to Make Your Cupcake – Cricut Design Space

Hello All,

Here is a little something to inspire any mom to make something for there kids. Moreover, everything was made using nothing more than basic shapes.

So pull out your Cricut and let get to crafting. Oh, and if you stop on by on March 25th I will be doing a Start to Finish project using this very SVG:

How to Make a Donut Easel Card (Start to Finish)

Hello All,

What a headache I had this day… From audio problems to craft fail moments. This is the raw unedited version if you want to see a more polished one check my YouTube version, though I don’t think that one is going to be any better.

So with very little to say let the madness begin:

Final Photos of today’s Project:

Past Live Stream on Twitch – Product Testing Easter Projects Part2 – Silhouette

Hey All,

I keep finding more and more videos I did in 2018 on Twitch. This one is product testing my Easter Bunny Pop Up Card & Accordion Card.

The Accordion Card was not as successful…. hmm maybe I should re-visit this project.

This is the result of this project:

Easter Bunny Pop Up Card

Donut Tutorial – Cricut Design Space

Hello All,

Today tutorials will show how to make a basic donut using nothing more than shapes that are found on Cricut Design Space. For more, advance Donut you can be found in the Cricut Tutorial Tab.

Here is the completed project:

In the end, I put in random size sprinkles just to complete the project.

Past Live Stream on Twitch – Product Testing Easter Projects – Silhouette

Hello All,

It close to Easter and I thought I would bring out another Product Testing Twitch Stream. Much like all my Twitch Videos none of them were loaded to my blog in 2018. SOOO I dusting them off and posting them now in 2020.

Thes are all the designs that I made using nothing more than just basic shapes. Much like the Circut How To’s. I just applied the same principles to my Silhouette.

Here is my finished product:

Chocolate Bunny Easter Basket SVG

Easter Bunny Lollipop Card SVG

How To Make a 3D Season Truck (Start to Finish) – Cricut Design Space

Hello, my crafty friends!

I have been posting as many projects as I can lately – Spring is almost upon us and it’s getting so busy and fun – with that I do have something fun for you today.  If you follow me on Twitch, I had made this a few weeks back.

 If you missed any project, you should go and check out Video Tutorials – there are fun new projects every week to make your Cricut work for you.