December, 2017

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Free Printable Cute Christmas Gift Tags

Hello Everyone,

Since I have so many order on Etsy, I have no time this year to make tags or cards. The holidays are just around the corner and all you can do is just print and cut. You may want to check out the like below:

  1. Add a bit of sweetness to your gift wrap with these cute Christmas gift tags:


2. Top your holiday gifts with a charming chalkboard style gift tag or gift label this year:


3. The printable tags and cards are completely free for you to download:

Don’t by it just print and cut it:

Streaming on Twitch

Hello All,

For a long time I thought the only media to make tutorials was YouTube. To be honest nothing could compere to making tutorials using that avenue. But yet again the love of my life showed me that there was another away.

No editing, no need to get flustered because I said something wrong, I can play what ever music in the background. Plus have fun with anybody that does stop by. And that new media is Twitch. I felt so much more comfortable working on my ornaments or whatever craft project  life. Twitch save my stream on to my computer so I don’t have to worry about losing it if Twitch goes bust. It was the slow pace I was looking for rather then hey I need to make

a video, edit it because it was too long, not to mention the people I get to talk with when they come on to my


So if you see this post feel free to stop on by. I will be streaming Mon-Fri 8PM    

I will be working on commission ornaments from September – December as well other crafts on my down time.