Hello All, Yes, I am doing a recap on this from February 13, 2013. I wanted to do a pro and con list for each of these stores:  Etsy – Con Fees/Cost – for each item you post and quantity, anything you sell Etsy gets a cut, and shipping No Self-Promoting (this can be good or bad on how you […]

Birthday Balloon Card

Happy Memorial Day All, I was able to make a video! I know crazy business right? Who knew I would be able to do that! Okay, okay back to the craft at hand. As I stated in this video I made this on the silhouette, I used the balloon technique which I did in this video: Forgive me I […]

Charlie Chaplin Necklaces

Hey All, I haven’t posted to YouTube for a bit since it’s a little hectic with the kids. But I am still creating away. Last week I created necklaces inspired by Charlie Chaplin. I saw these photos in a vintage magazine I had and I thought it was high time I put my stuff to good use. Here are the […]

Friday Highlights moved to Saturday and Burton Avenue

Happy Saturday! I guess I can officially call it….. It’s now Saturday Highlights.  Who am I kidding, I may get “me time” on Friday night but by the time everything is said and done it’s already Saturday. Anyway, today’s highlight is Burton Avenue.  The site is run by Angie a mother of seven. A hard-working mom if I ever did […]

Using My Scraps

Happy Saturday Everyone, As much as I try I can’t seem to get a post in before Friday. It is now 1:52 am Saturday morning and I am still trying to hash out what am I going to post today.  What I wanted to talk about is SCRAPS; I mean every crafter has a bundle of leftovers that we just […]