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Charlie Chaplin Necklaces

Charlie Chaplin Necklaces

Hey All,

I haven’t posted to YouTube for a bit since it’s a little hectic with the kids. But I am still creating away. Last week I created necklaces inspired by Charlie Chaplin. I saw these photos in a vintage magazine I had and I thought it was high time I put my stuff to good use.


Here are the materials I used:

  • Dollar Tree Glass Floral Stones
  • E-6000 Glue
  • Inksesstials Crackle Accents medium
  • Bails
  • Matte Paper Mod Podge
  • Small Brush
  • Scotch Sliver Duct Insolating Tape
  • Wet & Wild – Wild Shine Clear Nail Protector 401A
  • Scissors
  • Vintage Pictures
  • Pen or Pencil
  1.  With all glasses stone necklaces you first need to place the glass stone over your picture.
  2. Measure it out and trace around it with you pen or pencil.
  3. Once it’s traced, use your scissors and cut around it.
  4. Open your Matte Paper Mod Podge and dip your brush in to the jar and get a small amount. Brush it on to your picture and let it dry. Follow the drying times on your Mod Podge.
  5. Flip the picture over and put a good coat of Mod Podge on the back, let dry.
  6. Once both sides have been coated put a little more Mod Podge on the back of the stone and adhere the picture to it. Make sure your picture is facing the correct way as it was originally traced.
  7. Let the Mod Podge dry again.
  8. Grab a small amount of the Scotch Sliver Duck Insolating Tape and trace the stone around it, then cut. Peal the backing and adhere it to the stone smoothing the edges.
  9. Grab your E-6000 Glue and put a small dab on your bail and adhere it to the back of the stone.
  10. Almost done! Now to seal the edges of the duct tape, grab your Inksesstials Crackle Accents medium and go over the edge and the whole surface of the duct tape. Let it dry for 1 to 4 hours. When you come back to it the crackle will make some cool lines on it.

There you have it!

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