EVE – Tristin

Hello All, Here he is my Tristin! I couldn’t just sit here and not make my baby. I mean look at the image, it reminds me of a mecha but in space!!!! Maybe more like a big metal sumo wrestler, which is super sexy. And yes I think sumo’s are sexy, it’s an awesome sport. It is generally considered to […]

EVE – Apocalypse

Hello All, Well now that I am back on the horse, I am riding that poor thing to the ground. Heheheh!!! I had to go for the pun. But in truth, I have been burning the midnight oil coming up with some gamer decals for my Laptop. I am a big gamer when it comes to online games. One of […]

Chomper and Nintendo Piranha Plant

Hello All! Man how times files why you don’t post. But rest assured I am still crafting. In fact my craft room has nothing but unfinished project everywhere!! Uggh what happened to me? I know what it is, it’s the funk… it happens to all crafters. So I kicked my own butt and got it in gears after looking at […]