October, 2015

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MINECRAFT Halloween 2015

Happy Halloween All!!!

Well our display and props where the talk of the street. Even though the turn out was a little less then I expected. However those trick or Treat’ers that did come by where telling other. And well….by the end of the night we kept hearing “wow it’s the Minecraft house” or “look we found the Minecraft house.” Both my husband and I were villagers and we where a site to see. Kids right off the bat yelled “MINECRAFT!” left and right.  We had our far share of the main character STEVE, with a handful of CREEPERS. But the most interesting one was the ENDERMAN that showed up at our door.

It was awesome!

I can say it really did my husband and I heart good to hear that.


These are some of the props we used in the front yard.

Loot Crate October 2015 – Back in Time


Well it that time of the month again, its LOOT CRATE time! What is the theme this time? Well it’s “Time” itself, we’ll all things related with time. Such as Back to the Future, Dr. Who, and Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure.

Here are some of the things that was in this month’s Nerdy Haul!

But if you wan to see it for yourself check out the video below:

Dollar Tree Halloween Haul & Ideas 10-17-2015

Hello Again,

Haul number two coming at you! Now this one is a little different because I have some ideas you can do what you get at dollar tree right now. Now mind you Dollar Tree changes there stuff all the time you must get these items when they are available or supplies last.

Okay one with the show!


Orchard Moving Sale 10-17-2015

Hello All,

I went on an outing with my husband today to pick up a few things. To my surprise we went to Orchard Moving Sale, which is like going out of business but your favorite store is not long gone.  I had my reservation since you know most of the good stuff is gone but I was wrong, so so wrong.

I was able to find 15/32 or 1,1 cm Screw Eyes Pins in silver and gold, various size of cork tops, metal handles, and a decorative nob. Now mind you we were in that store for like 20 minutes, if I had a full hour or more I am sure I would have come home with a lot more.  But as luck would have it we had to be back home to meet the cable guy.

One thing I forgot to mention in my video is that while I was there we got a $10 dollar coupon so really out of pocket was just $1.25. But even if we did have to play for the full $11.25 that was a really good deal.

Why You Should NOT Join Crafty Amino

Hello Crafters,

Can I ask you all when did (DIY) or Do It Yourself become a bad word in the crafting community yet saying Crafting Tutorial is not DIY?  In addition what do you as consider crafting? By definition it’s 1. Exercise skill in making (something). 2. An activity involving skill in making things by hand.

Are these definitions not the same as DIY? I’m sure your all wondering what I am getting at. I had a conversation with a fellow crafter on Crafty Amino. The conversation was “what is deems as crafty?” And you bet there where “RULES” and Guidelines, terms and conditions were thrown back and forth. But once I sat down and read the so call “guidelines and terms” they didn’t match up with the “RULES” these crafter were spitting out as truth.

Why is this a problem? Really it’s not until you get people band, have their artwork taken down, or just felt small under the wave of comments of “why this is not crafty relevant”.

As I dug a little more I found out there are other crafters bashing other crafters because they didn’t follow these made up rules that no one seem to know where they came from. No Link, no author of who made the rules, not even a contact from Crafty Amino. Just a lot of re-hashed post going nowhere.

It gets worst, after looking at the reviews for Crafty Amino the list goes on and on of crafters taking on dictatorship on what is and is not crafty. Sending other crafter to other Amino sites or just telling not to bother crafting.

When I saw Crafty Amino being hyped on YouTube by SoCraftatsic I was really excited to post my work and see what other crafter where doing. You know, get inspired make what they are making, check out new tutorials.

Man I was so wrong. So very wrong….

I had made two spiders out of polymer clay that I saw on YouTube by SugarCharms. Now My spiders where different from hers and I had learned some things that SugarCharms didn’t cover in her tutorial.  And I thought “Hey let me make a tutorial that’s different from SugarCharms since I was inspired from her original design.” And I posted this small bit of info on Crafty Amino. And that when it happened I started getting comments on why not put up SugarCharms tutorial instead of making your own, that I should be aware of copyright on videos if I copy someone else stuff. At every turn I was defending something that I made with my own two hands. It’s not like I robbed this woman and put a stake through her heart and claimed it as my own.

That got me really thinking, is this happening to other crafters? And sure enough it is. Someone posted a DIY Hair tutorial with the title Bad Crafters. With 27 comments on why this person account should be deleted. Now mind you this crafter didn’t handle herself well and was using foul language trying to defend herself. And frankly that a big no no. You can never get your point across with foul language and that is what got her band.

You should have seen the comments on why she needed to take down her DIY because it was NOT considered crafty or crafty relevant. That she should show her work on her own blog and not on Crafty Amino or  better yet try to put it under Make Up or Health Amino. The same conversations went for nail art, drawing/sketching, recipes, and you guess it DIY. With each crafter calling for heads to roll for even considering posting such things.

Geez why did I even join up in the first place. If I knew then what I know now I would have never done it. Now I have to figure out how to delete my account.

Update On What I’ve been Working On!

Hello Crafty People!

Well I know I have  been silent since September. But a lot has happen, first I had to make two set of birthday invitations for a LEGO themed party. Why two set? Well the first set were “lost” by my nephew. His young so I forgave him. Then I had to make Ninjago Stickers for the balloons, straw Lego heads, LEGO treat bag faces and Masks, and LEGO cupcake holder (which were scraped). Oh well all fare in love and parties.

I have been working on ornaments as well for Christmas. These little guys I know will be selling out fast when I post them on Esty. They always do.

I have also been working on Spider Charms. These guys look super realistic. So much so, my little girl wouldn’t touch them for fear that it was going to jump out at her. I will be posting a tutorial on how I made them on Friday.