MINECRAFT Halloween 2015

Happy Halloween All!!! Well our display and props where the talk of the street. Even though the turn out was a little less then I expected. However those trick or Treat’ers that did come by where telling other. And well….by the end of the night we kept hearing “wow it’s the Minecraft house” or “look we found the Minecraft house.” […]

Loot Crate October 2015 – Back in Time

Hello! Well it that time of the month again, its LOOT CRATE time! What is the theme this time? Well it’s “Time” itself, we’ll all things related with time. Such as Back to the Future, Dr. Who, and Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. Here are some of the things that was in this month’s Nerdy Haul! But if you wan […]

Orchard Moving Sale 10-17-2015

Hello All, I went on an outing with my husband today to pick up a few things. To my surprise, we went to Orchard Moving Sale, which is like going out of business but your favorite store is not long gone.  I had my reservation since you know most of the good stuff is gone but I was wrong, so […]

Why You Should NOT Join Crafty Amino

Hello Crafters, Can I ask you all when did (DIY) or Do It Yourself become a bad word in the crafting community yet saying Crafting Tutorial is not DIY?  In addition, what do you as consider crafting? By definition, it’s 1. Exercise skill in making (something). 2. An activity involving skill in making things by hand. Are these definitions not […]

Update On What I’ve been Working On!

Hello Crafty People! Well I know I have  been silent since September. But a lot has happen, first I had to make two set of birthday invitations for a LEGO themed party. Why two set? Well the first set were “lost” by my nephew. His young so I forgave him. Then I had to make Ninjago Stickers for the balloons, straw […]