April, 2019

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How to Make Your Own Kawaii Ice Cream SVG – Silhouette Cameo

Hello All,

Well here is another how-to video on how to make your own tasty treat into an SVG. I know you guys have been super excited I can tell by all the likes I have been getting.

Even there was a bit of sarcasm on that last sentence it still cool I put it up. Maybe not now but hopefully someone in the future, this tutorial will help.

Bonus link: Kawaii (cute) Ice Cream

How To Make Your own Donuts SVG

Hello All,

Today I will be making donuts! Well SVG donuts, I am trying to lose the weight so this is the closet thing I can get to carbs. So today’s tutorial is using a photo from www.unsplash.com. As always I am not sponsored by this site I am just using it since it a free commercial free photos!

Click on the video below to get started using your Silhouette Cameo and making your own designs.

Bonus Link: Donuts

How To Make A Hot and Cold Drink SVG – Silhouette Cameo

Hello All,

Sorry, this is a little late, however, it is Easter Weekend and family comes first.

So today I am bringing you how to make your own hot and cold drinks using a photo from www.unsplash.com. These are commercial-free photographs you can use to make this project. And as you can see below I was able to make these super cute cups of yummy-ness!

Bonus Link: Hot and Cold Drinks

Making Your Own Cupcake Frosting SVG – Silhouette Cameo

Hello All,

Here is Part 2 of how to make your own cupcake using your Silhouette Cameo. By using www.pexels.com commercial free photos I was able to create SVG frosting. The creators that supplied the photos are Pixabay, Acharaporn Kamornboonyarush, & Vojtech Okenka.

I will be showing both videos start to finish on Friday at 8 pm CST, over on my Twitch channel. I may even cut out the cupcake to give you an idea of how it looks.

Bonus Link: Cupcakes

Making Your Cupcake Base SVG – Silhouette Cameo

Hello All,

There are several basic shapes used for most SVG images. The purpose of these shapes to create objects found in life and turn them into SVGs (Scalable Vector Graphics) that can be used for any number of projects.

Many crafters are card/scrapbookers, others work with vinyl for apparel. Whatever it may be basic shape is often used to create extraordinary things out of something simple. In the video below I do just that taking basic shapes such as rectangles, circles, and lines to make a cupcake base.

This is a two-part video the first is listed below. The second will be upload on Wednesday, April 17, 2019. If you have any question please feel free to comment below:  

I will sleep when I’m dead!

Hello All,

Yes I have returned from the grave! It has been a little more than five months and after a TON of TLC from the doctors here in TN. They have found the cause of my debilitating condition. I needed sleep. Dun..Dun… DUNNNNNN!

I am sure a lot of you are like “uh what?”….. No really I needed sleep, the problem was my body wasn’t getting any of it.  To which I am sure your saying to yourself “what the what, why?” Funny story that I really can’t type because it is super long and is more tragic than funny. So I will give you the short version. After Thanksgiving of 2018 my body started shutting down, which lead me to a massive amounts of doctor visits, tests, and OH SO MUCH MONEY.  My doctor noticed something and on a hunch sent me to a Sleep Doctor. I never knew they existed but yes there is a doctor for sleep.

After just one night of a lot of wires and a whole lot of forced air up my nose. The Doctors where able to determine my body kept waking me up every five minutes. The reason….. My brain was not getting enough of that sweet, sweet, oh so sweet air I have grown accustom to. Which lead to parts of my body shutting down, my eating habit to change, creating a fatty liver, oh and a whole other world of hurt. My body was trying to manage so much on so little. Creating a mountain of sleep debt which is a very real and very scary thing.

The doctor said I may have been dealing with this for years but it finally caught up to me. Yup that “caught up to me” part was five months in the depth of Hades. I was sleep drunk for five months, and if you have ever been drunk to the point of puking but can’t throw up so you can feel better. Because you know that liquor you drank is poison to your body at this point and needs to expel it otherwise it’s going to kill you. Oh and don’t get me started about the dizziness, weakness to your limbs, and collapsing. Oh yes collapsing, my brain was turning itself off.

Which left me asleep for 22 hours every day for 5 months!  Out of the 22 hours my body was only getting maybe 2 hours of rim sleep. I was missing life, my kids, my husband, myself.

Thankfully it was an easy fix. I know right, after all that misery, time, money, and doctor visit to tell me. “Hey you need sleep, here put on this Cpap machine and you should be right as rain.”  All I could to say to that is………”uh sure I will try anything at this point.” But I sure it came out more like “uh…..ssssssssuuurreee……TRIE….. atttt…poooin…uuuuhhhh.

After a month of trying the Cpap machine to my amazement, I do feel right as rain. I became more like myself. To the point I started exercising again, crafting, and enjoying life with my family. I feel like I got my life back. All because of sleep, I use to joke “ah I will sleep when I’m dead” well that what my body was trying to do. Get sleep if I didn’t I would be dead.