Making Your Own Cupcake Frosting SVG – Silhouette Cameo

Hello All, Here is Part 2 of how to make your own cupcake using your Silhouette Cameo. By using commercial free photos I was able to create SVG frosting. The creators that supplied the photos are Pixabay, Acharaporn Kamornboonyarush, & Vojtech Okenka. I will be showing both videos start to finish on Friday at 8 pm CST, over on […]

Making Your Cupcake Base SVG – Silhouette Cameo

Hello All, There are several basic shapes used for most SVG images. The purpose of these shapes to create objects found in life and turn them into SVGs (Scalable Vector Graphics) that can be used for any number of projects. Many crafters are card/scrapbookers, others work with vinyl for apparel. Whatever it may be basic shape is often used to […]

I will sleep when I’m dead!

Hello All, Yes I have returned from the grave! It has been a little more than five months and after a TON of TLC from the doctors here in TN. They have found the cause of my debilitating condition. I needed sleep. Dun..Dun… DUNNNNNN! I am sure a lot of you are like “uh what?”….. No really I needed sleep, […]