June, 2014

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Getting Started

Hello Subbies,

When I was going to the Art Institute of San Francisco I had a class that taught students branding, marketing and how to sell your self to consumers. Now if I knew then what I know now I would have aced that class, but ah lass I just pass with a decent grade. I’m a slow learner when it comes to textbook work; I’m more of a visual kind of girl.

That’s why I am super grateful to people like Heather Wells, Renae Christine, and Paul Mason. They make it easy for me to understand how to run a business. They give me the tools it takes to be successful and the dues and don’ts of business. You can find their YouTube links below:

Heather Wells: https://www.youtube.com/user/heathernwells/feed

Renae Christine: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCn0x9HKPygMJt77Snfxntbg

Paul Mason: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSaLiUL_ICoYtisQgIK_cSA

Okay Paul Mason may not have a business but he was the main reason to get the ball rolling. How you may ask? Well while I was sitting in my living room watching my kids he posted this video:

the title was so simple “Getting Started”. I looked at Paul and said “yeah right Paul” I was about to delete the post off my email when by accent clicked the link and boom I was taken to YouTube. Okay I could have just back spaced or “x” out, but I was there and to lazy to do that. That was problem number one. I listen and listen and I took Paul’s words to heart. I have been kicking this idea in my head for a while now but I can tell you I am my own worst enemy. I was just hem-hawing telling myself “oh the kids make it hard” or “I just don’t have time to craft.” This was a lie!!! Lies I tell you, LIES! If it really was the kids making it too hard or I didn’t have time…. why do I have times to play Minecraft or League of Legends? I also found most of my time is being eaten up by Silhouette Cameo. I sit for hours at night creating images and 3D stuff, which is great if I were selling my images or crafting with the idea I made. But I haven’t, nore do I want to.

I want to get back to my first love which is working with my hands, not on my computer. There nothing wrong with working on a computer. I just feel more alive making something out of nothing and holding it in my hands. The problem is “GETTING STARTED”.

So I’m challenging myself every night after the kids go to sleep to create inventory for my Etsy shop. That’s right people I am going to re-launch my store and for the whole month of July I am making product for the Fall of 2014. I have a purpose; I have ideas, and a budget. All I needed was to get started. C. S. Lewis said it best “You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream” it’s time to set that goal in motion and live my dream rather than just thinking about it.

Free SVG and Studio List

Hey All,

Sorry for not posting sooner, looks like I had a bad case of Mastitis, with  a pinch of blood poisoning.  So its save to say I was unwell, but I was able to compile a list of where I get my free SVG and Studio (aka) Silhouette Files.  Just a word of advice don’t be greedy be sure to support the artiest. It never hurts to buy some of their stuff especially if its good stuff. Now the reason I am posting this is because I went to many difference sites such as Top 40, Top 50 or 100 best Silhouette site and I have to tell you a lot of their links didn’t work or where just a purchase only without any freebie available. I don’t know about you but I like to test a sample of the goodies just to see if it will work with my Silhouette or not. If  it does I have no problem ordering more stuff from them.

I mean who doesn’t do a test drive before buying a car, or eating a sample of Chinese food before buying a meal? Sure sometimes we buy things out of impulse and it turn out great, but more often then not you come home and its not what you wanted.





http://burtonavenue.blogspot.com/ (Friday only)



http://www.littlescrapsofheavendesigns.com/ (sign up for their Facebook page you get Free SVG’s there too)





http://underacherrytree.blogspot.com/ (Differs)

http://monicascreativeroom.se/ (Differs)

http://extremecards.blogspot.com/ (Every 2 Weeks)

http://www.kerribradford.com/ (Every 2 Weeks)


http://www.diariodeumasilhouette.com.br/ (Need Window Translator)

http://www.paperpiecingpals.com/ (sign up for their Facebook page you get Free SVG’s there too)




http://www.silhouetteonlinestore.com/ (need a Silhouette to use, new SVG’s on Tuesday)

www.designsoncloud9.com (Every Friday)








http://www.easypapercrafts.com/ (Differs)

http://melstampz.blogspot.com/ (Differs)

http://melstampz.blogspot.com/ (need Windows Translator)


http://www.the-lady-wolf.com/ (Differs)




http://www.waltzingmousestamps.com/search?q=Freebie (Differs)