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Eat Up Deary Box

Hello Crafters,

When the sun goes down, the villains come out to play at the all-new Disney Villains After Hours event at Magic Kingdom Park. On select nights from February 7 through July 10, 2020, you can experience all of the fun of a Disney After Hours event with a little wicked magic sprinkled in throughout the night. What’s more, tickets are now available.

It really inspired me to make my “Eat Up Deary Box” in honor of the Villains After Hour Event which this box is now available at my store.

I feel in love with Not So Poison Apple Cupcake, Main Street Bakery I just couldn’t help but make something for the occasion. Look how tasty it looks doesn’t it scream “Eat up” with a hit of wickedness.

PG-13 On YouTube

Hello Crafters.

YouTube creators are already making changes to their channels out of fear that they’ll be unable to make money once the platform begins enforcing new limits around kid-friendly content.

I myself am one of these content creators that put their YouTube Channel on hold. Some content creators have changed their stage names to make them feel less kid-oriented, cutting out popular series dedicated to toys or games, taking up vlogging, and specifically shifting videos to target teens. Essentially, these changes retarget kid’s content to a slightly older demographic that isn’t covered by the $170 million settlement with the Federal Trade Commission over alleged children’s privacy law violations.

Due to the settlement, YouTube will have to stop collecting data on videos that are targeted toward kids under the age of 13, and creators who make videos for children — such as unboxing toys or art lessons aka anything crafty — will also have to clearly label their content as being intended for kids. For creators, this means any videos they make for kids won’t be eligible to run targeted ads, which they fear could dramatically reduce their revenue. (But to be honest, YouTube was in the wrong to do this, to begin with. So I am really glad they got fined. What I am not happy about is YouTube also puts the blame on Content Creators.)

This also included me as I am a content creator of crafts, but after two months and not hearing some much as a peep from COPPA. It’s safe to say the only one I need to fear is YouTube itself. YouTube is the only one I have heard that has removed comments, deleted videos, and demonetized content creators. Ether to discourage certain content creators, or spook them enough to quit.

Many of you might be wondering why? Well MatPat from
The Game Theorists
made a video on the why: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pd604xskDmU also Ian Corzine who is a lawyer and got some info from someone at Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3GwDrHOe43E&t=1s

Since they are using machines and not actual people to look at videos since they don’t have the manpower to look over Millions of people videos all over the world. I am going to add this disclaimer (below) in front of my videos in hopes to help my channel.

I will be returning to YouTube at the end of February. Yes, the sign seems silly and once you read it you might get a chuckle but it what I have to do.

Using Up Crafts to make Cards

Hello Crafty Friends,

Here is every crafter’s dirty little secret – paper scraps and other crafts. Whether I store them in a drawer, toss them in a bag, or have a giant pile growing on my desk, paper scraps and scraps can feel like an insurmountable mountain of disorganization. But they can be useful – after all, why would you keep them if they weren’t.

Well for times like these of course. Where your product testing, card making, bags, boxes, or what have you. Scraps come in handy. So today I spent 2 hours using what I got to make as many cards as I can.

Since it’s my Birthday on Valentine’s Day and I am going to be traveling with my family till Monday I will not be able to post on Saturday. So hope you like what you see today.

Here is how the cards turned out:

Start to Finish: Drinks and Donut Card – Silhouette

Hello All,

In April of 2019, I did a tutorial on YouTube on how to make your own Hot and Cold Drinks and in May of that same year, I made a Donut. So I have combined forces and made this tutorial into one card on Twitch.

With YouTube struggling right now with not properly rating their systems and the craziness it’s having on its users, the majority of my streams have been on Twitch or just pre-recorded videos.

To be honest I am having a lot of fun over on Twitch it’s a bit more laid back. I get instant feedback, I have the power of Discord on my side. Not to mention I can monitor my stream a lot better.

Sorry, I had my camera upside down I didn’t notice it until a lot later in the stream.

The end results:

You can get the SVG here: Sweet Treats On A Plate SVG

In the end, I was able to make stickers, that I could put them on just about anything I wanted.

Sorry for the bad image I shortly gave this card away. I had no idea how bad out of focus this was.

Tsum Tsum Goofy and Pluto Boxes

Tsum Tsum Goofy Box SVG

Hello All,

So on Saturday, I shared one of the new products called Tsum Tsum Chip and Dale boxes with a promise that I would make others.

So here it is everyone, my next Tsum Tsum Boxes Goofy and Pluto. Which these characters hold meaning so close to my heart. With shows like Goof Troop, and the Goofy Movie. It was a super icon for me when you didn’t see a single dad raising a son in cartoons. And when you are being raised by a single mom it kind of hits home.

Tsum Tsum Goofy Box SVG

And Pluto, well not only do I have a love for dogs Pluto was just one of those characters that were always by Mikey’s side. The loveable and loyal mascot that you never forget.

I have thoroughly enjoyed making these boxes and indulging in nostalgia while doing it. Now that I can complete them I’m really really happy!

If you want to pick up these boxes you can get them here: https://store.uniquedesignsbymonica.com/

Why Has Cricut changed to offline?

Hello, My Crafty Friends,

Abbi Kirsten from https://www.abbikirstencollections.com/ sent me an email on January 29th, 2020 and I was surprised to find that it was super helpful information. So I am passing this info along to you the email that was sent me. (If you want to follow her link is below)

If you are among those who love and use a Cricut machine or are planning to own one in the future then this blog is for you.

It seems many crafters in the Cricut world are panicking because of the new Cricut Design Space download switching to the offline desktop app on January 30th, 2020.

I am here to put your mind at ease. Below are the most FAQs and even some troubleshooting help that can aid you in an easier transition.

If you are feeling overwhelmed or nervous about this change the best thing you can do is educate yourself. Start with this video here and get the new software downloaded.

Why is Cricut changing to offline?

The biggest question about the Design Space change is why? If you are happy with your program why does it have to change?

Well, Design Space may be great now online but Cricut wants to ensure it continues to be great for many years! Moving their platform to offline will allow them to enhance user experience in a way that they can’t do when they are tied to content web browser updates and systems that may not support the functions they wish to roll out.

And one huge benefit of this is that Design Space will also auto-update for you!

I know some of you are HIGHLY skeptical and maybe even frustrated right now. I PROMISE you it will all be okay and you will likely be very grateful for this change down the road. Let’s look at some other common questions about the new Cricut Design Space download.

Is the new offline app free?

Yes, absolutely. Cricut software has always been free and will continue to remain cost-free.

How do I install the Cricut Design Space Download for Desktop?

Good question! If you haven’t already done this you can install the desktop app right here. (note: This will only work for Windows 10 and higher) You can easily follow the prompts to have the program installed in a couple of minutes.

Which computer is the Cricut Design Space download compatible with?

Cricut Design Space works for Windows 10 (and higher) and Mac computers. It DOES NOT work with Google Chromebook.

Windows Users – Make sure your software is updated to Windows 10 so the new app can be successfully installed and run smoothly.

Mac Users – make sure your software is also up-to-date

What will happen to my app on my iPad, iPhone or Android device?

Absolutely nothing! Here’s the funny part that most Cricut users are not aware of. The app for mobile devices is already offline! In other words, they are basically making desktop users match the same software as mobile device users.

What will happen to my Cricut Access subscription?

Nothing at all. Your Cricut Access AND any images you have purchased will automatically be transferred to the new app. Easy peasy – nothing you have to do.

What happens to my saved projects?

You guessed it..nothing! The saved project will also seamlessly redirect to the new desktop app.

Can I continue to use the online version?

After January 29th, 2020 the online version will automatically redirect you to the new offline desktop app.

How do I download Image Files for Offline Use?

If you ever want to use images when you are not connected to Wifi then select an image and click download in the far left corner. Once it has been successfully saved for offline use you can load, edit and cut the image without internet access!

download images for offline use

Troubleshooting Tips

Why is my app running so slow? Why doesn’t the app load at all?

I am apart of more than 50 Cricut Facebook groups and run one myself (JOIN HERE!) and my newsfeed is constantly flooded with complaints about this change to the Cricut software.

It’s totally understandable that when something isn’t working for you frustration will set in. But the good news is there is help!

If you are someone who is experiencing issues such as the app not opening or running very slow the very first thing you need to do is make sure you have the latest version of software on your Windows or Mac computer. For 99% of people, this is the problem and can be quickly resolved.

However, if you have already updated your software and are still having issues then I recommend uninstalling and re-installing the software after you updated your computer.

You also need to be sure that you have at least a 2G of space free on your hard drive.

What if I did all that?

If you have checked the boxes above and still experience issues, then please contact Cricut Member Care here. They are awesome about helping!

Inside the new desktop app, they also have a help bubble at the bottom left-hand side. This helps you easily communicate what your issue is by selecting a subject, category and they even allow you to draw on the screen to point of specific problems!

My screen is blank when I load the app

According to Cricut, this can be resolved by clearing your cache and relaunching the app.

Design Space is running slow

Cricut suggests performing a “force-reload” if this occurs. Do this by selecting View > force-reload.

I can’t see all my projects or images?

In the event that images seem to be missing, close the app and relaunch it after you have checked that the internet connection is working. Until an image is saved for offline use the internet is still required to load images saved from the cloud. Remember to watch this video to see how to save your projects/images for offline use!

That’s it for now on the new Design Space desktop app! If you have another question, don’t forget to check out Cricut’s troubleshooting help too!

So there we have it, a quick guide to warm you up to the new Design Space for desktop.

If you want to return to this info be sure to Pin the post here.

Next week I have some new freebies coming your way and a super big announcement!!

See you then!



Tsum Tsum Chip & Dale Boxes

Tsum Tsum Dale Box SVG

Hello All Crafters,

So hands up! How many of us have fallen in love with Disney Tsum Tsum? And being a big fan of Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers I want to make boxes of them first.

Oh, there are more Tsum Tsum coming just wanted to start off with my favorites.

Well if you have Disney+ I am sure you have seen these cute Disney Chibis. I still can’t get over how amazing these boxes came out. I love how I was able to make a large size that an ornament can fit and a chibi counterpart. Which is also perfect for party favors.

Tsum Tsum Dale Box SVG

I wanted to show off some more of the Face and cute little ears. I want to start a stockpile of boxes for this year’s gifting, I love the fact that I can fold-flat these box, so it was easy for storage.

If you are needing a cute box for a birthday, a teacher gift, or whatever the occasion you can pick them up here: https://store.uniquedesignsbymonica.com

Past Live Stream on Twitch – Product Testing

Hello All,

This stream was done LIVE on Twitch in 2018. However, for someone reason, I never post them blog. It could be because I was trying to build a portfolio for the Silhouette of America.

Well, whatever the reason maybe you get a small glim on how I do product Testing.

I was working on my prototype Valentine boxes and paper dolls. Having a good time working on projects and talking to other twitchers.

After working on the kinks these are the final product:

Alice Dolly SVG

Kitty Valentine Box SVG

Three Valentine Rosettes – Tutorial

Hey everyone!

I am Monica and back at it again to do so more crafting and tutorials. I was so super excited to show you all how easy it was to make these Valentine’s Rosettes! I made three brand new ones for the new year.

I made this adorable Rosette – Bear SVG that could be used for a baby shower as well.

Rosette – Love Note SVG that I could also see be used at Christmas.

Last but not least Rosette – Heart SVG which melts my heart.


How To Make Paper Rosettes

I first made the Rosette – Hearts SVG so a lot of the instructions will be using this SVG. Open your cutting software and resize the SVG to your preferred size. If you cut the rosette strips at 7.937″x 2.875′ your rosette will bloom into a 6″x6″.

Select which image you will cut out first then submit your 8.5″x11″ paper into your mat. Then cut out your image. I choose to cut out my folding stirps first.

After I removed all my pieces out I started to weed all the little hearts. You can save them if you wish and added them to a shaker card later.

I then started to fold all my pieces. I wanted to make sure each one overlaps the other like a chain. I added double-sided tape to keep the pieces together. If you want a longer bond I would recommend wet glue. As double-sided tape never dries.

Next, I cut out the rest of the file in order to have the pieces necessary for the next steps

After every piece had been cut I went on the next step. I grabbed the folded strips that were in a line than I took it and closed the link by sticking it to itself.

Using both hands I flipped the solid point in and the hearts sticking out and lay it flat.

Scrunch your paper as close to the center as you can. Try to make the whole tiny.

Grab your hot glue and dab quite a bit on the peaks and valleys at the end of your rosette.

I quickly add one of my circles and added it right on to the hot glue. Give the hot glue to cool down for a few moments. Flip over and repeat the same process on the other side. Once the glue is fully cured the rosette will not move.

Time to add your embellishments. I added two foam adhesives to the front and the back of the white heart. In order to give the rosette dimension. Then placed it in the center of the rosette. I then grabbed my red heart placed a strip of double-sided tape then adhered my arrow to the back of it.

I wanted to make sure that the arrow was not going anywhere. then I placed the heart and arrow right on top of the white heart.

I repeated the same process to the back of the rosette.

And you’re DONE! Repeat the same process to the other two and decorate for Valentine’s Day. What I love about these files is that they are resizable so these are also really neat on cards as embellishments or punch holes and string them as garland. Whatever you do with them have a good time making them, because they are a lot of fun.

How To Assemble 8Bit Sailor Moon SVG – Silhouette

Hello Everyone,

Today I am posting my live stream I did over on Twitch last year that I forgot to load. This SVG is no longer on Etsy but you can still get it HERE. This project is a bit of an advanced SVG I had created back in 2016. There is a lot of cutting involved, a lot of patients, and assembly.

I had made quite a few 8-bit projects SVG in 2016 but never had time to get around to them. I think this year I am going to test, correct, and add it to my store.

I can honestly tell you I will try to make my next 8-bit project less assembly… Maybe. This stream is really laid back so there will be a lot of chatting with other Twitchers. You may get an argument on Anime… Yes, super spice stuff. Yes, people, we are just that nerdy. No worries I apologize to my husband after the stream for calling his Anime stupid. (Even if I didn’t care it) To make up to him I saw all of season one of Tenchi. (Still didn’t care for it after seeing it again.)

After all the talking and figuring out what went where this is how she came out. If you are investing to test your metal on creating this 8-Bit Sailor Moon you can click on the like here: https://store.uniquedesignsbymonica.com/product/paper-doll-8-bit-sailor-moon/