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Donut Tutorial – Cricut Design Space

Hello All,

Today tutorials will show how to make a basic donut using nothing more than shapes that are found on Cricut Design Space. For more, advance Donut you can be found in the Cricut Tutorial Tab.

Here is the completed project:

In the end, I put in random size sprinkles just to complete the project.

Past Live Stream on Twitch – Product Testing Easter Projects – Silhouette

Hello All,

It close to Easter and I thought I would bring out another Product Testing Twitch Stream. Much like all my Twitch Videos none of them were loaded to my blog in 2018. SOOO I dusting them off and posting them now in 2020.

Thes are all the designs that I made using nothing more than just basic shapes. Much like the Circut How To’s. I just applied the same principles to my Silhouette.

Here is my finished product:

Chocolate Bunny Easter Basket SVG

Easter Bunny Lollipop Card SVG

How To Make a 3D Season Truck (Start to Finish) – Cricut Design Space

Hello, my crafty friends!

I have been posting as many projects as I can lately – Spring is almost upon us and it’s getting so busy and fun – with that I do have something fun for you today.  If you follow me on Twitch, I had made this a few weeks back.

 If you missed any project, you should go and check out Video Tutorials – there are fun new projects every week to make your Cricut work for you.

Horse, Alicorn, Unicorn, Pegasus, Dragon, Zebra, and Cow -Cricut Design Space

Hello Crafters,

If this is your first time coming to my blog “HI”!!!! I am going to show you how to make an Alicorn, Unicorn, Pegasus, Dragon, Zebra and yes a Cow using nothing more than basic shapes.

And since I want my shapes to do more than double duty I bring to you today’s tutorial. I am going to show you ALL of this SVG you can make on your Circut Design Space.

Cricut Design Space – Baby Dino Cards

Hello Crafters,

Greeting card sentiments can add a special personal touch to a handmade card. Finding the right sentiment for a greeting card, however, can sometimes be difficult! More often than not I just leave my card blank and add that special sentiment to the last minute.

That what I did this time around when I get back in the swing of things using my Cricut. That right for some strange reason I am now able to use my Cricut on my Windows 7. I guess they finally realized that not everyone can afford to upgrade there software or computers to Windows 10 yet.

I myself are one of those people. Maybe when tax season comes around….. Maybe. But enough rambling here is how I made Baby Dino Cards using Cricut Design Space

Silhouette Cameo – Baby Dino Cards

Hello Crafters

When we were young kids, we looked forward to our birthdays as these were days that family would be hosting a party and be showered with gifts. Indeed, birthdays are special days that mark the growth and accomplishment we have made in the year past, and for more to come in the upcoming year.

What really kicked off my birthday was just getting a card via mail. Sending such simple birthday gifts allowed me to let the recipients know we care about them.

Thus the kick-off to my Twitch Series, I really want to make as many cards not just for the people that will be having a birthday this coming year but the other wonderful occasion.

This was done on Twitch February 13th, I tried super hard to get this on YouTube. However, they had a bunch of music copyright I was breaking. So for those who want to learn how I make these cute Dino Cards take a look at the video below:

Eat Up Deary Box

Hello Crafters,

When the sun goes down, the villains come out to play at the all-new Disney Villains After Hours event at Magic Kingdom Park. On select nights from February 7 through July 10, 2020, you can experience all of the fun of a Disney After Hours event with a little wicked magic sprinkled in throughout the night. What’s more, tickets are now available.

It really inspired me to make my “Eat Up Deary Box” in honor of the Villains After Hour Event which this box is now available at my store.

I feel in love with Not So Poison Apple Cupcake, Main Street Bakery I just couldn’t help but make something for the occasion. Look how tasty it looks doesn’t it scream “Eat up” with a hit of wickedness.

PG-13 On YouTube

Hello Crafters.

YouTube creators are already making changes to their channels out of fear that they’ll be unable to make money once the platform begins enforcing new limits around kid-friendly content.

I myself am one of these content creators that put their YouTube Channel on hold. Some content creators have changed their stage names to make them feel less kid-oriented, cutting out popular series dedicated to toys or games, taking up vlogging, and specifically shifting videos to target teens. Essentially, these changes retarget kid’s content to a slightly older demographic that isn’t covered by the $170 million settlement with the Federal Trade Commission over alleged children’s privacy law violations.

Due to the settlement, YouTube will have to stop collecting data on videos that are targeted toward kids under the age of 13, and creators who make videos for children — such as unboxing toys or art lessons aka anything crafty — will also have to clearly label their content as being intended for kids. For creators, this means any videos they make for kids won’t be eligible to run targeted ads, which they fear could dramatically reduce their revenue. (But to be honest, YouTube was in the wrong to do this, to begin with. So I am really glad they got fined. What I am not happy about is YouTube also puts the blame on Content Creators.)

This also included me as I am a content creator of crafts, but after two months and not hearing some much as a peep from COPPA. It’s safe to say the only one I need to fear is YouTube itself. YouTube is the only one I have heard that has removed comments, deleted videos, and demonetized content creators. Ether to discourage certain content creators, or spook them enough to quit.

Many of you might be wondering why? Well MatPat from
The Game Theorists
made a video on the why: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pd604xskDmU also Ian Corzine who is a lawyer and got some info from someone at Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3GwDrHOe43E&t=1s

Since they are using machines and not actual people to look at videos since they don’t have the manpower to look over Millions of people videos all over the world. I am going to add this disclaimer (below) in front of my videos in hopes to help my channel.

I will be returning to YouTube at the end of February. Yes, the sign seems silly and once you read it you might get a chuckle but it what I have to do.

Using Up Crafts to make Cards

Hello Crafty Friends,

Here is every crafter’s dirty little secret – paper scraps and other crafts. Whether I store them in a drawer, toss them in a bag, or have a giant pile growing on my desk, paper scraps and scraps can feel like an insurmountable mountain of disorganization. But they can be useful – after all, why would you keep them if they weren’t.

Well for times like these of course. Where your product testing, card making, bags, boxes, or what have you. Scraps come in handy. So today I spent 2 hours using what I got to make as many cards as I can.

Since it’s my Birthday on Valentine’s Day and I am going to be traveling with my family till Monday I will not be able to post on Saturday. So hope you like what you see today.

Here is how the cards turned out:

Start to Finish: Drinks and Donut Card – Silhouette

Hello All,

In April of 2019, I did a tutorial on YouTube on how to make your own Hot and Cold Drinks and in May of that same year, I made a Donut. So I have combined forces and made this tutorial into one card on Twitch.

With YouTube struggling right now with not properly rating their systems and the craziness it’s having on its users, the majority of my streams have been on Twitch or just pre-recorded videos.

To be honest I am having a lot of fun over on Twitch it’s a bit more laid back. I get instant feedback, I have the power of Discord on my side. Not to mention I can monitor my stream a lot better.

Sorry, I had my camera upside down I didn’t notice it until a lot later in the stream.

The end results:

You can get the SVG here: Sweet Treats On A Plate SVG

In the end, I was able to make stickers, that I could put them on just about anything I wanted.

Sorry for the bad image I shortly gave this card away. I had no idea how bad out of focus this was.