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Checking Out – UK Magazines

Hello Everyone,

Well I’m back and I have brought goodies for you to see! I have just recently bought three magazines:

Love Cardmaking Magazine UK – $14.99 US

Creative Stamping Magazine UK – $19.99 US


Stamp by Chloe Mangazine Kit UK – $24.99


I am going through each magazine over on YouTube. Now I’m not a Rockefeller or anything like that. These where gifts from my hubby for Mother’s Day. So in normal situations I couldn’t by all three. Maybe one in a blue moon but not all three.

Now these are “not sponsored” I was gifted these by my hubby.

DS Game Santa Gift Box

Well my husband ask me a few days ago to make a DS Game Gift Box. Puzzled as to why he would he be coming to me for such a request. Well as it so happens he informed me that our son may be getting a DS game. Still confused I as him “why not just wrap in Christmas paper, not that I am not up for the challenge?”

He explain that seeing as he getting older he just didn’t want to just wrap it up and hand it to him. I was a little surprised to be honest. So it got me thinking how to best present this challenge.  You can find these SVG HERE.

This was my first attempt. It was nice but not really festive, my second attempt is below:

I found the second to be more appropriate:


August 2015 – Villains 2

Hello All,

This box was large and heavy! Even thought it was a day or two late I couldn’t help but to open it ASAP. When I did open it I noticed a bright red Marvel box taking up almost all the space. Which I found odd since my husband Venom mug is much smaller.

Inside was this scary yet beautiful mug. Having a Carnage mug is a little weird cus it almost looks like a red Spawn doppelganger. Giving it a more demonic look. I know about carnage back story but his comics was very short lived I think. My husband and I had a debate on who was bigger Venom or Carnage. My husband sill insist Carnage was bigger thus the bigger mug. I however disagree.

I was not a big fan of the Joker toy, yet my husband love all things wood. Especially wooden toys Post and Pre War II. If I should give this to my son, I can only see my four year old playing with it loosing parts and becoming a forgotten memory in his toy box or under the couch. I just can’t see doing that to Joker. Maybe my husband can find it a good home….. OR I could do it as a give-a-way….. If I should hit 100 subbies that might be a possibility.

GINA’S CHALLENGE # 86 – Christmas Planner

Hello All,

I have to say I love Gina’s Challenges over at My Scrap Room. The theme is Christmas in July and project is Christmas Planner. Below you will see the materials I have used to make this lovely project.  Further below you can check out her challenge.

Materials I used:

  • Recollections Holy Joy 2014 Christmas Paper
  • Recollections paper – Dark Green, Light green, white, & metallic red
  • Glue Gun & Sticks
  • Elmer’s glue
  • Penny Black Christmas Stamps that I converted into Digi’s
  • Color pencils
  • Silhouette
  • Gold & White cord ribbon
  • Manila Folder

Nae Nae’s Challenge – Superhero 2.0

Hello All,

Well there truly is no rest for the wicked. My week seem to be going full steam with no stop insight. (Sigh) Ah well…. Here is the update I have done for Nae Nae’s Challenge – Superhero 2.0. I hope you guys enjoy. 🙂

Nae Nae’s Bookmark Challenge – Superhero Bookmark 1.0

I was going through my email and I was looking at one of my subbies that I follow and I saw that Nae Nae was having a challenge. Now I know I this started way back on June 15th, but I have been busy so I didn’t see this until yesterday. So if you don’t want to do this challenge I still strongly suggest you make a bookmark and send it to Nae Nae so you can give it to her local library.  Here is her info:

Now below are four bookmarks I have completed which seems like nothing. But I made three set of each so that twelve bookmarks total. If you can’t see the greeting I will be putting it underneath.

Batman – Greeting
Batman maybe a superhero however did you know he was also a well-read detective. Who studied not only his opponent but his situation. He is a hero that not only trained his body but his mind.

Flash – Greeting
Did you know the Flash was a scientist first and a superhero second? Yup, that’s right he has a Master Degree. Which means he read and studied super hard.

Wolverine – Greeting
Did you know James Howlette Logan aka the Wolverine was a miner, in the circus, then served in the military for many decades. He traveled a lot meeting new people, cultures, creatures, and other people like himself. And he did it all before he became a superhero.

Wonder Woman – Greeting
Wonder woman may have been born and Amazon Princess. However she also was an army nurse, ran a mod clothing boutique, and then was a laywer. You don’t need to be just a superhero you can be awesome!

Check out my video below:

42nd Annual Castro Valley Fall Festival

Hello Subbies,


Well it’s late and my kids are finally asleep and I can blog about my day. Today and tomorrow is the 42nd Annual Castro Valley Fall Festival. It start at 10am and runs till 6pm. My family and I had a great time! I love our local business they are the best people you can ever meet, and just seeing them all on the strip made it all the more easily to see them all.

I saw some new faces and some and I missed a few. But the atmosphere was surreal; there were so many people that it blew my mind.


Let me just say the amazing smell of the vendors would make any tummy rumble.


The lines seem to go down the street for some food vendors and I can tell you why. If your vegan turn away this is not for you. But for all of you that love the smell of BBQ keep watching.

Oh yeah, mouth watering!!! You can smell this for blocks and this is why people were coming. But once you were there the rest is what made you stay.  There was music from live bands which sadly I couldn’t get clear photos of. But you saw little kids and adults just rocking out right on the street.


But I did get some nice shots of the local vendors like “Auntie Nel’s Fine Foods” best baked goods and hot food this side of Castro Valley. If you go to her site get 20% off discount when you place your first order.



My favorite stop was the “FRESH KETTLE KORN” Oh those delicious kernels of caramel goodness has me coming around every Saturday at the Farmers Market. However, I didn’t need to go there today since they were at the festival.


And after my bag loads of popcorn I headed over to Mehendi Artist nothing better than some henna tattooing while you’re at a festival. I think that was Swati Shah giving a customer a lovely ink job. If you want to see their handy work, check them out at


And Operation MOM were there, got to give it to the military family support group. These ladies really dedicated there time while I was there.  If you want to know what they are all about take a look at their site


After a few hours there we got a little thirsty so we got ourselves some drinks. Not bad beer or wine for 5 bucks and you get one of these lovely glasses.


Once we had our drinks we stop off at Kate Bartolomei place called USBORNE Books & More. She is a lovely woman that is an author and lover of the written word.  My son kept snatching at her books trying to read them; we would have spent the rest of the day at her booth if it wasn’t for my 11 month old daughter grumpy mood. It was a bit warm and she was on her last leg. She wanted her naptime and she wanted it now.  If you want to check her out, click


I wish I had more photos, but it didn’t dawn on me to take them when we got there. There was a big kids section with bouncy house, climbing tents, space jumpers, and tons of kids with faces paintings. Oh I almost forgot “SEW IN LOVE” where there. My favorite shop in Castro Valley. They had the cuties Halloween clothing you can check them out at


More Bookmarks and a Late Night Rant

How late was I doing this video? Way to late if you ask me, my son stayed over at his Mema’s (Grandma) while my 3 month old had a party with mama (me) till 1AM. Yeah that’s right I was up with her because she just didn’t want to go to sleep. For whatever reason Sammy hasn’t found her sleeping stride, which is funny because my son found his stride super early. I could time his naps and sleep pattern by a train conductor’s watch. But Sammy is all over the place she will sleep 30 min here an hour there and at night… ugg it’s all over the place.

So, I wasn’t really sure when I was going to post on YouTube. However I was able to load today. After reviewing it, I sound a little slow and yes I repeated myself on more than one occasion. Again what do you expect for doing a video so late?

I’m sure someone somewhere out there is saying well why didn’t you do it in the morning or sometime during the day. I mean your posting right now? Well no I am just not posting right now. What looks like a few moments of my time started at 7AM. I pumped, washed Sammy’s bottles and wrote a little. Picked up my son gave him some breakfast, typed a little more, uploaded to YouTube video, took care of some more personal stuff, came back typed some more edited my YouTube video, went back to pump, feed my son and daughter and typed some more. So enough with the rambling. Lets get on with the  show!


Alice in Wonderland Mini Album by Natasha Hensel

Hello All,

I’m never one to pass up a good deal especially if the deal is amazingly gorgeous and free. Natasha Hensel from is doing a raffle/giveaway of her Alice in Wonderland mini album. Now I have been eyeing at this mini since the day of its creation, she raffled it off last year and the winner never PM (Privet Message) her to pick up her reward.

Natasha Hensel  - Alice in Wonderland Mini Album

Natasha Hensel – Alice in Wonderland Mini Album

Which is really is a shame, but since this lucky winner didn’t that means I have another chance to win. But its only one for one week starting October 31st – November 8th . Take a look at her site at: for details and once you do check out her other awesome stuff she makes. Or click below to view her YouTube Video.

 Good luck!

Man Shirt – Fathers Day Card

Now that Mother’s Day has come and gone it’s time to appreciate our fathers in our lives. You may have had an Uncle, Brother, Grandfather, or Step-Father that raised your right. And in application you want to give him something for all the hard work and long hours he put to make you the better person you are today.   But why give him a run of the mill card? Put a little something to pep it up. Give him a Man Shirt with a pocket full of love.

As I was strolling down the aisles of Hallmark I saw this awesome card, which had a print on shirt with a little pocket on the inside to hold a gift card. However I didn’t want to pay the 5 buck price tag so I made one that look just as good if not better than what I saw.


  • White Card Stock
  • Plaid Pattern – Images from the Web
  • Chocolate Brown Card Stock
  • Buttons – Bag O’ Buttons
  • White Gel Pen
  • Heavy Needle with White Thread
  • Gold Brands