August 2015 – Villains 2

August 2015 – Villains 2

Hello All,

This box was large and heavy! Even thought it was a day or two late I couldn’t help but to open it ASAP. When I did open it I noticed a bright red Marvel box taking up almost all the space. Which I found odd since my husband Venom mug is much smaller.

Inside was this scary yet beautiful mug. Having a Carnage mug is a little weird cus it almost looks like a red Spawn doppelganger. Giving it a more demonic look. I know about carnage back story but his comics was very short lived I think. My husband and I had a debate on who was bigger Venom or Carnage. My husband sill insist Carnage was bigger thus the bigger mug. I however disagree.

I was not a big fan of the Joker toy, yet my husband love all things wood. Especially wooden toys Post and Pre War II. If I should give this to my son, I can only see my four year old playing with it loosing parts and becoming a forgotten memory in his toy box or under the couch. I just can’t see doing that to Joker. Maybe my husband can find it a good home….. OR I could do it as a give-a-way….. If I should hit 100 subbies that might be a possibility.

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