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Minion Cake Box

Minion Cake Box

Hello All,

It was my husband aunts birthday so I made her some minion items. I made three different projects. One is this minion on a cake box and two earrings. I don’t have the photos ready for the earrings so I will showing just the box.


The supplies I used:

  • Craft Smart – Espresso Paint
  • Sculpey – White
  • Craft Smart – Yellow, Black, Blue
  • Scribbles – 3D Fabric Paint In Glitter Silver
  • Sculpey – Bake & Bond
  • Dollar Tree – Rectangle Wooden Box
  • Fine Grit Sandpaper
  • Small Screwdriver
  • Razor or Knife
  • Rubbing Alcohol or nail polish remover
  • Q-Tips or baby whips
  • Clay Tools


With the wooden box I first sandpaper some of the areas. I didn’t want to go too far in my sanding since it’s such a thin box. I took off the hinges then I painted it with the espresso paint. It’s super important to take off those hinges in order to get an even coat. After painting and letting it dry I did a second coat.


Then I moved on to make the cake part. I looked at a lot of Pinterest and Google photos of Minion cakes. I settled on a combination two cakes and started kneading my clay.  I used El Arte de PAU to properly make the minion which I am posting below:

Then I rolled out some white clay and layered it on top of the box. I then took my razor and started cutting away at my clay. Making up and down waves giving it cake like appearance. For the second layer I just did a roll of white clay then added bake and bond on the box and attached the clay. Using my clay tools moved the clay in to lumps giving it a creamy look.

This is where the rubbing alcohol, baby whips, and Q-tips come in. I had to really be heavy handed since dirt wanted to stick to the clay. I tried super hard but I could see some areas just didn’t work. But I bushed on baked everything.

I then grabbed my puff paint and went to town.

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