Polaroid Card – Girly Girl

Polaroid Card – Girly Girl

Hey Crafter,

Well it’s now Saturday morning at 12:26 am to be accurate, and YouTube is taking forever to post my tutorials. This is super bad since my Friday Night Highlight is starting to become Saturday Morning.  Ah well at least I’m getting it done and with no kids trying to sabotage me or call me away because they have a crayon stuck up someone’s nose, I can deal with a little lateness. Let start off with some freebies so you can duplicate my card and save yourself some hassle.

Free Polaroid Frames

If you’re looking for a pre-made Polaroid Frame check out SVGCuts – this link will take you to 3 frames that have Polaroid frames. Just download and save it to your Silhouette Studio.

Free Tag

If you’re looking for some ornate tags to slap on any card or mix media project then check out Birdscards – this nifty crafter can really pull out the stops for every design she does.

Free Fonts

Dafont, Dafont, Dafont, I can’t say any bad thing about they have what you need without the hassle. And if you want to find out how to port their files onto your desktop files check out this sweet tutorial by Sarah’s World 4 U – this is where I found out about Dafont and how I was able to import their files.

But if you want to kick it old school like me and be a DIY’er check out my tutorials below. Thanks for stopping by don’t forget to subscribe to my blog for next week’s Friday Night Highlight!

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