Dead By Daylight Killer Valentine Cards

Creepy? Yes…. Morbid? Also yes. Was it a whole lot of fun to do. Oh you bet on the tip of your shiny ax it was. What am I talking about? Killers, that’s what. I am making all 11 of the DBD killers into Valentine Cards. Each one with a romantic and oh so creepy lines. For that morbid lover […]

A2 Panel Heart Cards

Hello All, It’s beautiful! Just simply beautiful. These are the materials that I used to make these simply magnificent cards. Dollar Tree Holographic Paper White Card Stock 8 1/2 x 11 A2 Panel Heart Cards SVG – Available HERE Final results:

Operation Valentine is a GO!

Hello All, Operation Valentine is a GO! Want to know what its about check out Mel B over on YouTube to find out – This link is from 2016 but if you click on her channel you can see all the updates. I wanted to show what I have been up to since January 1st over on Twitch Channel. Mini […]

Line Art by Sureya on DeviantArt

Hello Everyone, I love Sureya line-art!!!! I have been a big fan of this DeviantArt Artist for so many years now. I go back time and time again just to see if any thing new has been posted. If you are interested in her art work check it out at: This year I thought, instead of just drooling over her […]

What You May Have Missed

Hey All, I was not able to post on my blog all the time, and normally I just want to take a photo and go. That what I have been doing on my Instagram –  – . Here why you might have missed: I am creating more with the Shrink Film. I will be coming out with some more Pokemon […]

Mason Jar Vase of Love

Hello All, Well Lori Whitlock posted this on her Facebook: And as nice this Mason Jar Box Card was I didn’t think it was worth the $1.49 she was asking for.  If you look at it closely, it just a Jar SVG  with two rectangles on its side. I guess its a box but I have always felt that a box had a base. You […]

Birthday Balloon Card

Happy Memorial Day All, I was able to make a video! I know crazy business right? Who knew I would be able to do that! Okay, okay back to the craft at hand. As I stated in this video I made this on the silhouette, I used the balloon technique which I did in this video: Forgive me I […]

Polaroid Card – Girly Girl

Hey Crafter, Well it’s now Saturday morning at 12:26 am to be accurate, and YouTube is taking forever to post my tutorials. This is super bad since my Friday Night Highlight is starting to become Saturday Morning.  Ah well at least I’m getting it done and with no kids trying to sabotage me or call me away because they have […]

Challenge # 46 On My Scrap Room

Hello All, Well this week’s challenge was brought to you by “My Scrap Room” you should check them out. The group of ladies is really awesome The challenge was Valentine themed and as you know I’m not one for Valentine stuff since it just a sore reminder of bad birthday, bad gifts, and people forgetting.  However since the whole […]