Line Art by Sureya on DeviantArt

Line Art by Sureya on DeviantArt

Hello Everyone,

I love Sureya line-art!!!! I have been a big fan of this DeviantArt Artist for so many years now. I go back time and time again just to see if any thing new has been posted. If you are interested in her art work check it out at:

This year I thought, instead of just drooling over her work I need to do something with what I see. So I started making the following cards.

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      The one that is the easiest is only for punching holes. I just bought one today at Princess Auto and it’s called leather Punch and Eyelet Kit. It’s under 30 dollars. It punchs holes and does all the snap setting. I like it and does not take much wrist power it’s made by power wrist

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        Hello Vanroten, I am unsure what your talking about? What part of Sureya Line Art would need holes to punch? If you are referring to another post can you please reply accordingly so I an properly answer you.

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