Rant on $2 Dollar Grab Bags from Michael’s

Rant on $2 Dollar Grab Bags from Michael’s

Have you ever walked into a store after your friends tell you there was a big sale, and you may be able to still find something good if you go? One, you most likely go because you totally love the sale and two your friends just walked away with bags and bags of stuff.

Well, when I heard on YouTube that there were $2 Dollar bags at Michael’s and you see video after video of people coming home with tons of stuff it’s no different. At least it’s not to me, because that is how it is nowadays through social media. You see people you subscribe to telling what going on.

Did Michael’s advertise this? NOOOOooo did they do an email blast stating “one day only, while supplies last.” NOOOoooo!! Instead, I hear about it days later on YouTube, DAYS!!! While others are racking it in I’m scraping the bottom of the barrel. And what do I find at the bottom pine cones? PINE CONES!!!

They have got to work out a better system than having social media do their dirty work. Okay that my rant for today. And if you’re like me just finding out about this just complain to Michael’s Head office who knows if there are enough of us telling then they need to know this is coming maybe they will post it.

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