Trollers on My Phone!

Trollers on My Phone!

Hello All,

I wonder when random texting became okay to some people. This has not been my first random texter that been trolling. I don’t know if someone has a grudge against me or if I was born lucky to get troller on my cell.  Yesterday I received a text at 1:45am which I didn’t hear since my phone was on my husband side of the nightstand. So around 9am I check my phone to someone texting me saying “Wass up girl”. Now my mother has been known to do that and she changes her phone number almost every month.  But we haven’t been on speaking term as of late so I just text back a simple hello.

Man I really wished that was my mom but sadly it wasn’t. No in fact it was a troller and for those of you that don’t know what a troller is, it’s a person who either intentionally or pointlessly yells and swears and insults someone with no or some purpose.  Trolling is usually accompanied with spam, capital letters, bad grammar, and immature comments. They can be racist, elitest, or anything else that has to do with stereotypes.

Now this person must have been at least 18-20 years of age because his grammar was so bad it made want to through a book at him through my phone. I told him he had the wrong number to please leave me alone. But did I get that no! I got penis picture and immature cussing. When I told him if he didn’t stop texting he would be getting a rude awakening from law enforcement. That seems to really get his attention.  After a few more unnecessary bad grammar and bad language via text it all stopped.  But not before he stupidly sent his face and his friends face to me. This only proved my theory 18-20 years of age troller.

If I ever see this guy I want to meet his mother and father and ask them if they know about their son or sons conduct. Also what kind of morals are you teaching him, because from his actions its doesn’t seem that you are. If you can’t control your kids don’t have them! Because you don’t make babies to make friends. You have babies to make men and women to become better then you ever wore not worse.

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