Dead By Daylight Killer Valentine Cards

Creepy? Yes…. Morbid? Also yes. Was it a whole lot of fun to do. Oh you bet on the tip of your shiny ax it was. What am I talking about? Killers, that’s what. I am making all 11 of the DBD killers into Valentine Cards. Each one with a romantic and oh so creepy lines. For that morbid lover […]

A2 Panel Heart Cards

Hello All, It’s beautiful! Just simply beautiful. These are the materials that I used to make these simply magnificent cards. Dollar Tree Holographic Paper White Card Stock 8 1/2 x 11 A2 Panel Heart Cards SVG – Available HERE Final results:

200+ Subbies Plus Giveaway

Wait…what… WHAT!!! That is what I have been saying all day. Words can not express the shock and awe I revived this morning. I reached 200+ subscribers wow thank you, guys. I didn’t really think anyone was watching my videos. I always had a Meh… If people watch and learn its cool. If I can help one person get inspiration […]

Operation Valentine is a GO!

Hello All, Operation Valentine is a GO! Want to know what its about check out Mel B over on YouTube to find out – This link is from 2016 but if you click on her channel you can see all the updates. I wanted to show what I have been up to since January 1st over on Twitch Channel. Mini […]

New Year New Platform

Hello All! Happy New Year! I hope you’re keeping up with your resolutions and going out there and doing something worth wild! With that being said 2017 I had record-breaking sales on Etsy! I started streaming on Twitch how I made my ornaments and boy did I get a great response. Now with 2018 her I have brand new items in […]