New Year New Platform

New Year New Platform

Hello All!

Happy New Year! I hope you’re keeping up with your resolutions and going out there and doing something worth wild! With that being said 2017 I had record-breaking sales on Etsy! I started streaming on Twitch how I made my ornaments and boy did I get a great response.

Now with 2018 her I have brand new items in my store! I even use some of these images as Twitch buttons. I am super proud of if I say so myself! Don’t get me wrong I love YouTube however Twitch me a freedom that YouTube cant give me at the moment.  For example on YouTube I have to make a video, edit (which takes a long time), then post. But with Twitch it’s all live and videos are saved on my computer. So I did want to edit it I can.

It’s not perfect but I really like it. After doing my buttons for Twitch I am seriously thinking of changing my logo to this.

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