New SVG!

Welcome to new SVG release! Where I will be showcasing what been posted on the Nothing more Christmas then having a bit of Nutmeg Holly Jolly.   Check out this DS Game Santa Gift Box. I love this designs, perfect for Christmas in July! I loving that Maple Leave Box, perfect for this up and coming season. I can all […]

DS Game Santa Gift Box

Well my husband ask me a few days ago to make a DS Game Gift Box. Puzzled as to why he would he be coming to me for such a request. Well as it so happens he informed me that our son may be getting a DS game. Still confused I as him “why not just wrap in Christmas paper, […]

T-Shirt Dying as Christmas Gift

Happy New Year Everybody, Well, it been a long 2016 and I am super happy it is finally 2017. A new chapter, a new year full of crafty stuff. And on that note let go back to Christmas as we did something totally different this holiday with my family. What we ended up doing is a “Create Your Own Gift” […]

New Shopkins Ornaments

Hello All, Guess how has some Shopkins in their store. ME! That’s right if you’re looking to give the Shopkins lover in your life something unique. Then head on over to my shop: And if you don’t see the Shopkins you like then I can custom order it for you. Take a look at what is new. Snow Crush […]

Paint Stick Holiday Decor

Hello All, This weekend my mother-in-law, aunt-in-law, and I created the most cutest decor I have ever seen. I was really even more impress on how cheap and easy it was. One 10 pack gives me 3 large snowmen and one single stick snowman.  So for 4 projects its around $11.00, which comes to 2.75 each project. Now if you have never purchased […]

GINA’S CHALLENGE # 86 – Christmas Planner

Hello All, I have to say I love Gina’s Challenges over at My Scrap Room. The theme is Christmas in July and the project is Christmas Planner. Below you will see the materials I have used to make this lovely project.  Further below you can check out her challenge. Materials I used: Recollections Holy Joy 2014 Christmas Paper Recollections paper […]

Gone in a Blink of an Eye!

Hello All, I see my last post was on December 4th of 2014. Well, I can honestly say a lot happens during the holiday in my family. We have pre-Christmas parties, office holiday parties, Christmas Eve parties, Christmas Day get-togethers, and after all the “holiday parting” we get maybe two days to relax (with kids) which is not much relaxing. […]

Mixing the Right Blend!

Hey All, Look who’s making a special order. This girl, yup that right me! I was starting to doubt I would ever get a request. I had extra ornaments Gesso ready to go when I reopened my Etsy account.  And that was way back in September. So after months of waiting, I finally got one. I’m super excited! If any […]

Ornaments for That Geeky Person in Your Life

Hello All, As some of you know I have added a few items to my Etsy shop. If you haven’t stop recently at here is what you’re missing. If you are unable to find what your looking for you can find it here:

Mega-Man working through the pain

Hello Subbies, I had to stop crafting ornaments for a little bit. It seems I forgot that polymer clay dries my hands something terrible. I have so many Bandages on my hands I look like a burn victim. I am going to try to work through this problem and start working on my next bulb which is Mega-Man. Now it’s […]