Designer for Silhouette Contributing Artist Program

I am extremely happy and grateful to say that I am now working with Silhouette Cameo. Starting April 19th, 2024 I will be a Designer for Silhouette as part of the Contributing Artist Program. I look forward to diving into this new journey headfirst, ready to learn and grow. Thank you very much to The Silhouette Design Team and the […]

What am I up to?

Hello All, Well looks like I haven’t posted since August, gezz I really need to update this more often. But you know life kind of gets in the way. ALOT!! I have been sick as a dog since the beginning of August and its hasn’t been the flu/cold. Nope! Allergies I tell ya, yup something called Ragweed has been terrorizing […]

Silhouette Business Edition

Hooray! I have upgraded from Designer to Business. Honestly I should have done this from the very beginning but I was cheap and apparently love to struggle.  Ugh… why do I always love to do things the hard way. Anyway if you haven heard. Silhouette School notified me letting me know  that Silhouette.Inc is having a sale. If you want […]

I’m Feeling So Dirty!

  Hello Everyone, Well I did it, I went ahead and did it. I feel wrong and dirty after buying it. (Shiver) I bought the Cricut Explore 1. (an out cry of a thousand whiles sound out). I wasn’t able to find the testers I needed for all the SVG I have waiting in the wing. And I need to […]


Hello My site is NOT moving. I as a person is moving, and I have to tell you its a LOT harder then I thought. My very soul has been troubled and the only reason I not in a puddle of my own tears right now is that the good Lord has my family and I go through these rough […]

October Craft Bazaar Benefiting Project RIDE

Hello Everyone, I am sure all of you have been wondering where I have been for the past two months. Well, I can honestly tell you I have NOT been playing video games or in some funk that I can’t craft a thing. Which seems to happen this time of year. No crafters I have been preparing for a Craft […]

The Free Font Bundle

Did you guys see this?! There is a Free Font Bundle from Now this is limited time and the clock is running out! I got mine and I can’t wait to try time out!  

New Instagram Account

Hey everyone! Just a quick update… I have created a new crafty Instagram account. I know I’m bit slow getting all Insta-up Apps there are out there. But know it’s done. I am really enjoying sharing  my crafts with you, especially when I can’t put everything on my blog.  what I do tend to do on my Instagram account is post […]

A Little Quite But Still Here.

Hey Crafters and Fellow Gamers, I just want to let you know that although things seem to be a little quiet at the moment here, it’s far from it. I am working away a busy beaver coming up with new stuff you guys might like. I  should be able to make an announcement shortly but please be assured that I […]

Gone in a Blink of an Eye!

Hello All, I see my last post was on December 4th of 2014. Well, I can honestly say a lot happens during the holiday in my family. We have pre-Christmas parties, office holiday parties, Christmas Eve parties, Christmas Day get-togethers, and after all the “holiday parting” we get maybe two days to relax (with kids) which is not much relaxing. […]