Designer for Silhouette Contributing Artist Program

I am extremely happy and grateful to say that I am now working with Silhouette Cameo. Starting April 19th, 2024 I will be a Designer for Silhouette as part of the Contributing Artist Program. I look forward to diving into this new journey headfirst, ready to learn and grow. Thank you very much to The Silhouette Design Team and the […]

Get Well Treat Box

Hey All, I have been feeling under the weather and this Tennessee heat doesn’t make it any better. It got me thinking, there are not a lot of “Get Well Gifts” to give to people. Why is that? I know that Kleenex had a box a few years ago, and I though it was a great idea. But like many […]

Paper Doll – Tabitha Sweets

Hello Everyone, Well its July 12th and its 2:12am. As you can tell I have a bit of insomnia and since I can’t take away massive amount of energy I thought it best to work. So I started working on Tabitha Sweets Paper Doll SVG. I have two machines that test my SVG on. my Silhouette Cameo and my Cricut […]

Silhouette Business Edition

Hooray! I have upgraded from Designer to Business. Honestly I should have done this from the very beginning but I was cheap and apparently love to struggle.  Ugh… why do I always love to do things the hard way. Anyway if you haven heard. Silhouette School notified me letting me know  that Silhouette.Inc is having a sale. If you want […]

Comparing Cuts

Hello All, After a few days of working with the Cricut Explore One, I wanted to show you guys if there are any differences in appearances from the Silhouette Cameo. These photos below where made with the Cricut Explore One:   These photos are with the Silhouette Cameo: These photos below are with the Silhouette Cameo: These photos below are made […]

I’m Feeling So Dirty!

  Hello Everyone, Well I did it, I went ahead and did it. I feel wrong and dirty after buying it. (Shiver) I bought the Cricut Explore 1. (an out cry of a thousand whiles sound out). I wasn’t able to find the testers I needed for all the SVG I have waiting in the wing. And I need to […]

Birthday Card using Clover Whisper SVG

I recently made my Clover Whisper SVG into a birthday card. OH, how I love how she turned out! and I can see this going for more than just Halloween. Just think of it, Baby gift boxes or card, birthdays, St. Pattie day, the list goes on and on. The things I used need:Clover Whisper SVG (which is currently unavailable)(1) […]

T-Shirt Dying as Christmas Gift

Happy New Year Everybody, Well, it been a long 2016 and I am super happy it is finally 2017. A new chapter, a new year full of crafty stuff. And on that note let go back to Christmas as we did something totally different this holiday with my family. What we ended up doing is a “Create Your Own Gift” […]

Star Card for Graduation

Hello All, Well, it’s the end of the school year and some student is graduating and moving on to new and exciting things. Well that not me “yet”! My kids are only 5 and 2 I have a long long time before I will need this card. However! That does not mean you lovely crafter who has kids that are […]